Amanda (2 Nov 2011)
"Re:  Amanda & Bre's messages & also my personal revelation from the Lord..the state is set!"

Hi all,

Just watched the you tube of Amanda & Bre's message which was posted yesterday.  The Amanda on there is not me but she was amazing and so gentle in spirit...loved her and her messages from Him.  I know where she would say "I come...people get ready", that's what I hear Him say.

Okay so last night October 31st while sitting watching TV around 10 pm I got such a huge overwhelming feeling of excitement like a feeling of a wedding and me getting really excited for it.  Then such a wonderful peace came over me.  Right now typing this I can feel His warm spirit.  I fell asleep last night and now remember my dream or maybe I was half awake but I heard in my dream everything is ready the stage it set.  I remember answering back saying yes it is ready!  

So ready for His love in my sight I know you all are too!