Amanda (18 Nov 2011)
"Re:  Fay's post from Henry Falcone (burning!)**Thanksgiving/black Friday possibe rapture dates to be watching!"

I read what this Henry Falcone had to say from the Lord and was a huge confirmation for me because I have physically been feeling that burning and I had posted a few weeks back about feeling a burn in my upper arm and have felt that in the past also.  Just today before reading this post I felt a burning in my stomach, even on my heart not for long because I started to get scared.  I have felt before that it was the Lord but now reading this it completely confirms it to me.  

So thanks Fay for posting.  

**A side note I feel Thanksgiving/Black Friday are 2 high watch days for our Saviour rapturing us.  

Love to all and praying for those with damaged homes or lost loved ones in the south's deadly tornados from 11/16.