Amanda (14 Nov 2011)

Hello all Doves,

On the morning of Saturday, November 12th about 7:30 am, I was laying in bed not sleeping just resting as I was thinking of something not rapture related a thought (Him) popped in my head and He said this "where is my sister?.....gone."  

That's all I heard and then I as soon as I heard it I thought woh..where did that come from...of course then I remember that's Him sending a message.  He will sometimes do that while I'm doing things a thought or just one word will pop into my mind.  

Now I don't have a sister, I have 2 brothers.  So either that's in general people asking in the near future after the rapture where is my sister or  it could be one of my brothers which breaks my heart.  

I know the Lord back in June of 2009 laid upon my heard "people will say where are you?".  So there are going to be others left behind that are close to me or know me and will be asking.  I found it very interesting what He laid upon my heart today.

Have a blessed week,