Amanda (12 Nov 2011)
"A WORD FROM THE LORD - Also a thought on Charity's "5, 6, 7..Jesus""

On November 10th late at night I heard real quickly (small still voice), "imminent return".  

I know its a small, but mighty , message but I need to post whatever I hear Him speak.

Now I was thinking about what Charity had heard and I counted the weeks since Rosh Hashanna 9/29/11 and the week of Thanksgiving marks 8 weeks from then maybe that's the timing of the rapture.  These are just my thoughts here.  I'm not good at math or able to understand the knowledge that Bob Ware and others have with numbers so I get excited if I can try to figure something out!

That's all until I hear Him speak again.  He's beautiful, I love Him and can't wait to meet my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Hugs from Ohio,