Abe (28 Nov 2011)
"Dec 21st 2011 - another pointer?"

Many of you have been looking at Dec 20th as a potential rapture date.  Very interesting...

I found something else to add to your discussion:

Around August 21st 1987 there was a major sun/planet conjunction around the King star, Regulus:

Image is here, too:  http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/1392/conjunction.png  (in case it doesn't show up on 5 Doves)

As you know, the Gemetria of Jesus in Greek is 888.

If we add 8888 days to this date, we get 2011-12-21 -- exactly 1 year before the 2012 'doomsday'.

If we add 8800 days to this date, we get 2011-09-24, very close to the Elenin Earth Sun alignment. 

Now there is a bit of ambiguity in when the exact alignment occurred, and whether date calculations are inclusive of the end dates, etc.  But I think you'll see that there is a potential pointer here.