1 Cor 10:31 (9 Nov 2011)
"for Iracema Reis, Jason Seabolt and Christina R."

Hi Iracema! ~ On Nov. 8, you wrote:  
Iracema Reis (8 Nov 2011)
"To RENE Re: My mother's cancer"

Rene, thank you so much for your answer! It meant the world to me...
I remember the Orange Wunder being mentioned at the Five Doves in the past. I was even thinking about asking if anybody had any information on it!
I really appreciate you taking the time to write, especially because you were the only one... I should say I am very disappointed. I never thought my request would be met with such indiference by people who proclaim being Christians ready to meet their Lord and Saviour.. Maybe their idea of charity and loving one another encompasses only family, friends and doves who post regularly...
What you did is greatly appreciated...
God bless you greatly for that, Rene...
OUCH!!   You are assuming WAAAY too much!!    FTR, most do NOT respond to posts here, however that's not to say that prayers are not prayed on someone's behalf when asked!   We all have different gifts, and even intercessary prayer is a gift, certainly a labor a love.
Also considering that you did not actually out & ask for alternative treatments.... perhaps this was why people were not quick to offer them...?  {not taking anything away from Rene, of course!   She "did good"   :)   But I know there are times when others do not want advice or remedies... even when people mean well in offering.
Everyone has different reasons for posting or not posting ~ for me, I know my rump is big enough.... and sitting here 24/7 posting non-stop on message boards is something that I had to bring to a halt.... to a great extent anyway.   This is not to infer in any way that I *don't care*.  Just that I don't have time to sit here all day & respond to every single post.  When a person works full time, has a house to run, a family to care for & just all the constant obligations of life, you know..... it gets rather difficult to add other things to the mix.
At any rate, we know you're under a lot of stress what with the situation & you are wanting only good health & the best of care for your mother.   And I also know what a jolt it is to pour your heart out only to meet with blatent silence.  Thus, I can see why you felt hurt over it.  I've felt that way many times even on email when friends would be so slow to respond ~ if at all.   I truly think this day & age finds us all overtaxed, overwhelmed, overburdened..... we all have things going on in our lives, and it's sure sad & such a shame that IT SEEMS (anyway) that hardly anyone has time to just chat with one another any more..... without an agenda.... without *wanting* something.  You know -- like someone at work approaches you, appearing to be all smiley & chatty -- only the hidden agenda is they want to sell you some Avon, or stationary or.....  something from the *thing of the month* club!!   Makes us feel more & more like people just do not care any more.....
And IMO, the feeling of coldness....  it's all a set up for the Great Tribulation anyway -- when people ~ even the closest of families ~ even the best of friends will be turning on each other!   Maybe there will be a ransom for turning someone in who does not have the mark!!  And with famine in full swing and people  needing to eat -- I can see this happening on a daily basis.....  
/rambling now   (see why it's so *dangerous* for me to take time to post?   heh!   Not that I don't care....  it's just that it takes a chunk of time, and then I feel as though I am being disobedient to the Lord if I'm not doing what HE wants me doing.  Absolutely no one else can call those shots, each of us must give an account, and His will is of course different for everybody.
At any rate as we are right on the threshold of the rapture, we pray it will be oh-so-soon, then the Saints will get those promised glorified bodies ~ and all sickness inc. cancer (and hurt feelings) will be NO MORE!!!!
Amen & even so, COME LORD JESUS!!
P.S.>>  I started to create a separate post, but just figured, hopefully you do not mind Jason as I will add your name to this letter as well.... and remind you that we are praying about getting your heater fixed for winter!   I'm sorry I do not have any extra $ to spare just now as DH's job is *in the balance* but even so..... the $ you're talking about is mere *chump change* to the Father ~ our El Shaddai .... our Provider!!    I do believe He can direct  your path so that you can find a way to solve it.  And pray along those lines that it will be so!   Amen!
Praying for YOU, too, Christina R.!!  Do you live alone?   Just wondering if that's what was adding to the anxiety -- during the storms.  We're getting hit with them, too -- left & right!!   When I get uptight, I personally take a magnesium supplement -- seems to help!    Nature's Life is the brand I get -- from the health food store.  I take one every single evening.
Also eating any form of SUGAR can make us feel that way!!   And fake sweeteners are EVEN worse!!   Aspartane?  Don't get me started!!  HORRIBLE!!  Splenda's bad -- has chlorine in it.   The only good sweetener is Stevia -- PURE Stevia (not with maltodextrin, which is corn)
There are tons of other things -- for instance, eating CHEESE believe it or not, makes my friend & me feel like we're going to *jump out of our skin*!!   Only kind of cheese I can eat is either organic or raw..... I swear any other kind gives me that ooogey feeling!!
Hugs & prayers!!