Will Schumacher (29 Nov 2010)
"post 2-Gen 5:31"

Genesis 5:31 And all the days of Lamech were seven hundred and seventy and seven years: and he died

As I have stated when the dow dropped 777 points on 9-29-08 the 70th week began.  Knowing when it began is important because as Daniel 12:11-12 tell us once it starts again there will be 1290 days the the abomination of desolation and 1335 days to being blessed.  Does the gematria show us anything?

9-29 would be 929, it was day 273, tishri 1 so 701 and day 178 on the jewish calendar

No number stood out to me so I chose the verse totals and the original text showed nothing but the total strong’s text had a total of 2514

2514=929+656+929 656 is gematria of messiah

2514=273+(15x113) One of Clay’s rapture numbers and the gematria of peleg who I will show in a future post is tied to 411

2514=701x3 + 411  Again 411=4-11-12 which is 1290 days after 9-29-08 and is the date then of the abomination of desolation

2514=(178x8) + (109x10)

Every number that should be in there is but what is really interesting is how H2514 led me on a path to come back to Daniel 12:11 and Daniel 9:27

H2514 is the word used in Daniel 11:32 for flatteries

Will Schumacher