Will Schumacher (29 Nov 2010)
"post 1-symbolism of lamech and 777"

God has told the end from the beginning-isiah 46:10

If you were to look at the genealogies of genesis you would see that Lamech died at the age of 777 five  years before the flood.

The flood was the 6th year

The “new creation” or “cleansed earth” was the 7th year

Arpachshad , the firstborn of the new creation, was the 8th year

Symbolism of

Just as Sept 29, 2008 feast of trumpets dow droped 777 points , at the end of 7 jewish years Jesus will return and “cleanse the earth” through His wrath culminating 9-23-15.  The eighth year  is the beginning of the millennial reign and the new creation which should be Tishri 15-feast of tabernacles-sept 28, 2015.

 this was actually my first hint at the 2008-2015 timeline being right

Will Schumacher