Wendy H (30 Nov 2010)
"update prayer request for son Joe"

Hello Doves and especially Patty H, Doug, John, and all that prayed for my son Joe.  First THANK YOU for all the prayers.  I will never turn down any prayers for Joe, and ask that they continue if that is ok.  From my original post I told how my son Joe has a brain leison that has caused great concern for me for over 9 years now.  He has had more frequent episodes lately and went through another MRI which this time indicated changes.  Changes they saw in his skull, which indicated a possible problem with his bone marrow.  Well of course the Dr's moved on this I felt pretty fast and did some tests which actually came back good (blood, xray), and sent him to another specialist of blood cancers and he repeated the blood work which again came back good (PRAISE GOD).  For this I truely am so very THANKFUL.  New antiseizure med that he has been on for about 2 mos now was to prevent any more attacks, but the day after Thanksgiving he went into another episode that lasted 3 days but it wasn't as bad as the others, just longer.  We got thru that, and then last night after coming home from work he told me he was having a very painful event (in another part of his body), and after trying to figure out which way to go, we ended up in the med station.  He had an abscess the size of a grape that had to be lanced, and my son for the first time broke down and cried as we sat in the office after the procedure.  He said Mom, it's one thing after another.  I have to be honest here, that was very hard for me not to start crying myself, since I was thinking the same thing.  Before we left it was suggested he be seen by a surgon and needs followup with his Dr (who is on vacation this week).
I honestly try really hard not to worry about all this but I sense myself having difficulty with this ongoing situation.  Please not only pray for my son Doves, but for me too, that I listen to what God guides me to do for my son, and for strength to stay strong for him.  I ask that God give me Peace and help me to know the right things to do concerning the Dr's.  Sometimes this just gets so confusing to me and turns out to be hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait, but I guess that is normal in our health care system.  Now the specialist he saw concerning the problem with the MRI scan and potentially blood cancer wants my son to come back in 6 mos to repeat the MRI and bloodwork just to make sure they don't miss anything.  And now the problem that happend today which is different, I have to try to get him into the Dr wednesday for followup to make sure the abcess is healing, and to get them to refer him to a surgon for todays problem.  The med station Dr said I could bring him back there, but he really wanted him to get into the surgon.  I just ask that you continue to keep Joe and myself in your prayers.  And pray Joe can continue through all this without great discouragement.  I know that God is with us every step of the way, but I also know prayers help alot.
Thank you all for all your prayers,
Wendy H