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"[Revelation2217] Tangled - A Prophetic Tale"


Saturday, November 27, 2010, I went to see the Disney movie, Tangled.



Other than it being “just” another Disney tale, based on the Brother’s Grimm classic book, Rapunzel, Disney made some changes to the story that were quite astonishing that point to specific verses that declare how close we are to Christ’s return.


It was on May 29, 2007 when I first saw that a person I went to school with, was slated to be the voice of Rapunzel in this upcoming movie.  Later, Mandy Moore was selected for the part.  It was probably about that time that God really began to show me a picture of HAIR and over and over, I kept seeing pictures of HAIR and words that sounded like HAIR.


Samson’s strength was in his HAIR….. but WHY?   Why was the HAIR the strength of Samson?


When Disney changed the name of the movie from Rapunzel Unbraided to Tangled, it was the most important change that would help connect the dots in the Bible.  


Anytime you are going on a journey, you normally look at a map to see where you are at in relationship to your destination.   Jesus said, WHEN you SEE these things approaching, LOOK UP for your redemption draws nigh.


I won’t spoil the movie, but I will highlight a few portions….  It is my hope to show you where we are on the map of the Coming of Christ.


In the beginning of the movie, a seed of SUNLIGHT falls into a dark world, and a flower grows which has the healing power of the sunlight in it.  



A witch horded the flower for herself because it made your young, but when the flower was discovered, the king used it to heal his wife who was pregnant, and when the babe was born, the witch returned and stole away the child, because the child’s hair had the healing sunlight in it.   When she would sing the healing song, her hair would glow.



The keyword is TANGLED.


Verse # 1893

Exod 14:3

For PharaohH6547 will sayH559 of the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478, They [are] entangledH943 in the land,H776 the wildernessH4057 hath shut them in.H5462


Verse # 18930

Isa 66:7

Before she travailed,H2342 she brought forth;H3205 before her painH2256 came,H935 she was deliveredH4422 of a man child.H2145


There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between these two verses, except that verse positions are relative to each other.   But if I could point out a story in the structure, perhaps it would make more sense.


The Gematria of Exod 14:3 is 2364.


Greek Strong’s # 2364 = Daughter


The first mention is:


NT Verse # 253    BCV (Book Chapter Verse) = 1918

Matt 9:18

WhileG2980 heG846 spakeG2980 these thingsG5023 unto them,G846 behold,G2400 there cameG2064 a certain ruler,G758 andG2064 worshippedG4352 him,G846 saying,G3004 MyG3450 G3754daughterG2364 isG5053 even nowG737 dead:G5053 butG235 come andG2064 layG2007 thyG4675 handG5495 uponG1909 her,G846 andG2532 she shall live.G2198


253 Verses from the End of the Bible is:

Rev 9:8

AndG2532 they hadG2192 hairG2359 asG5613 the hairG2359 of women,G1135 andG2532 theirG846 teethG3599 wereG2258 asG5613 [the teeth] of lions.G3023


Looking at the BCV value of Matt 9:18


Strong’s # H1918 = Myrtle

Strong’s # H1919 = Hadassah (who is Esther)


Looking at Exodus 14:3 where we find the word ENTANGLED, the BCV = 2143.


Greek Strong’s # 2143 = Grace (as in the appearance)


824 Verses from the End

Jas 1:11

ForG1063 the sunG2246 is no sooner risenG393 withG4862 a burning heat,G2742 butG2532 it witherethG3583 the grass,G5528 andG2532 the flowerG438 thereofG846 falleth,G1601 andG2532 the graceG2143 of the fashionG3588 G4383 of itG846 perisheth:G622 soG3779 alsoG2532 shallG3133 the rich manG4145 fade awayG3133 inG1722 hisG846 ways.G3588 G4197


Verse # 824

Gen 29:28

And JacobH3290 didH6213 so, and fulfilledH4390 her week:H7620 and he gaveH5414 him RachelH7354 his daughterH1323 to wifeH802 also.


This word FLOWER


Greek Strong’s # 438 = Flower

Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 438 = Mantle


Greek Strong’s # 2143 = Grace

Greek Strong’s # 2243 = Elijah


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 2243 = Moon


Can you see the FLOWER and the SUN?


NT Verse # 438  (Strong’s # G438 = Flower)

Matt 13:43

ThenG5119 shallG1584 the righteousG1342 shine forthG1584 asG5613 the sunG2246 inG1722 the kingdomG932 ofG3962 theirG846 Father.G3962 Who hathG2192 earsG3775 to hear,G191 let him hear.G191


Ok….  The last thing I want to point out…


29209 Verses from the End

Exod 14:3

For PharaohH6547 will sayH559 of the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478, They [are] entangledH943 in the land,H776 the wildernessH4057 hath shut them in.H5462


Verse # 29209

Eph 1:2

GraceG5485 [be] to you,G5213 andG2532 peace,G1515 fromG575 GodG2316 ourG2257 Father,G3962 andG2532 [from] the LordG2962 JesusG2424 Christ.G5547


We are finding more Grace….


Now I recognize a pattern here…


Greek Strong’s # 2928 = hidden, secret

Greek Strong’s # 2929 = clear as crystal


In other words,… what is hidden is revealed.   You will find this pattern throughout the bible.


Deut 29:29

The secretH5641 [things belong] unto the LORDH3068 our GodH430: but those [things which are] revealedH1540 [belong] unto us and to our childrenH1121 forH5704 everH5769, that [we] may doH6213 all the wordsH1697 of this law.H8451


When we create a variance in the pattern…. We can see it better.


29209 ----> 20929


20929 Verses from Mal 4:6  (Verse # 2216)

Exod 25:20

And the cherubimsH3742 shall stretchH6566 forth [their] wingsH3671 on high,H4605 coveringH5526 the mercy seatH3727 with their wings,H3671 and their facesH6440 [shall look] oneH376 to another;H251 toward the mercy seatH3727 shall the facesH6440 of the cherubimsH3742 be.


Following the Verse #...


Hebrew Strong’s # 2216 = Zerubbabel


Let me draw your attention back to the SUN and the HAIR in the story of Tangled.


Hebrew Strong’s # 2775 = Sun

Hebrew Strong’s # 2776 = Heres


Greek Strong’s # 2776 = Head


Matt 10:30

ButG1161 theG3588 veryG2532 G2359 hairsG2359 ofG3588 G2776 yourG5216 headG2776 areG1526 allG3956 numbered.G705



|<----- Hebrew Strong’s Dictionary ------>|

|<-- 6315 Entries -->|<-- 2359 Entries -->|



Greek Strong’s # 2359 = Hair

Hebrew Strong’s # 6315 = Speak


Hab 2:3

For the visionH2377 [is] yet for an appointed time,H4150 but at the endH7093 it shall speak,H6315 and not lie:H3576 though it tarry,H4102 waitH2442 for it; because it will surelyH935 come,H935 it will not tarry.H309


Ok… I don’t know how else to tell you this….


1Cor 11:15

ButG1161 ifG1437 a womanG1135 have long hair,G2863 it isG2076 a gloryG1391 to her:G846 forG3754 [her] hairG2864 is givenG1325 herG846 forG473 a covering.G4018



Greek Strong’s # 2863 = Long hair


NT Verse # 2863

Luke 24:16

ButG1161 theirG846 eyesG3788 were holdenG2902 that they shouldG846 notG3361 knowG1921 him.G846


Verse # 12863

Esth 9:28

And [that] these daysH3117 [should be] rememberedH2142 and keptH6213 throughoutH1755 every generation,H1755 every family,H4940 every province,H4082 and every cityH5892; and [that] these daysH3117 of PurimH6332 should not failH5674 from amongH8432 the Jews,H3064 nor the memorialH2143 of them perishH5486 from their seed.H2233


Hebrew Strong’s # 2143 = Memorial

Greek Strong’s # 2143 = Grace


Following the LONG HAIR pattern …


Verse # 22863

Hag 2:7

And I will shakeH7493 all nations,H1471 and the desireH2532 of all nationsH1471 shall come:H935 and I will fillH4390 this houseH1004 with glory,H3519 saithH559 the LORDH3068 of hosts.H6635



The one part I didn’t discuss is the importance of the tears.   At the end of the movie, it was Rapunzel’s tears that rose up the “thief”, the hero of the movie, from the dead.


Verse # 16121

Ps 126:5

They that sowH2232 in tearsH1832 shall reapH7114 in joy.H7440


Only one verse in the Bible that has a gematria = 16121.

Rev 21:21

AndG2532 the twelveG1427 gatesG4440 [were] twelveG1427 pearls;G3135 G1520everyG1538 severalG303 gateG4440 wasG2258 ofG1537 oneG1520 pearl:G3135 andG2532 the streetG4113 of the cityG3588 G4172 [was] pureG2513 gold,G5553 as it wereG5613 transparentG1307 glass.G5194


It is the gates of the city.


Isa 25:8

He will swallow upH1104 deathH4194 in victory;H5331 and the LordH136 GODH3069 will wipe awayH4229 tearsH1832 from off all faces;H6440 and the rebukeH2781 of his peopleH5971 shall he take awayH5493 from off all the earth:H776 for the LORDH3068 hath spokenH1696 [it].


Last night I had a dream…  I don’t remember anything except bits and pieces of the dream.  But the one thing I do remember is the verse I saw a reference for, and I thought to myself that it must be important… remember it.   I saw… 1 Cor 15:27.   In context…


1Cor 15:26

The lastG2078 enemyG2190 [that] shall be destroyedG2673 [is] death.G2288

1Cor 15:27

ForG1063 he hath putG5293 all thingsG3956 underG5259 hisG846 feet.G4228 ButG1161 whenG3752 he saithG2036 G3754all thingsG3956 are put underG5293 [him, it is] manifestG1212 thatG3754 he is exceptedG1622 whichG3588 did putG5293 all thingsG3956 underG5293 him.G846


1Cor 15:42

SoG3779 alsoG2532 [is] the resurrectionG386 of the dead.G3498 It is sownG4687 inG1722 corruption;G5356 it is raisedG1453 inG1722 incorruption:G861



Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 1527 = Miracle



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