Wade Balzer (3 Nov 2010)
"[Revelation2217] Unmasking the Face of Mars..."


Perhaps you have all seen the “Face of Mars”.





But have you seen the real face of Mars?   NASA in 2001 investigated by looking at the face with the Mars Global Surveyor capturing the face in absolute maximum resolution.



OK… so you say, that doesn’t look like a face.   However, you have never seen the face of Mars that I am about to show you.


Last night, I watched a boring movie about a Mars’ landing that eft everyone stranded.  Then tonight at my lifegroup, we listened to a sermon by Mark Driscoll who is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle.




Then I recognized that God wanted me to “see” something about Mars that I haven’t seen.


Matt 10:26

FearG5399 themG846 notG3361 therefore:G3767 forG1063 there isG2076 nothingG3762 covered,G2572 thatG3739 shallG601 notG3756 be revealed;G601 andG2532 hid,G2927 thatG3739 shallG1097 notG3756 be known.G1097



Hebrew Strong’s # 600 = Face

Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 600 = Mars


Greek Strong’s # 601 = Revealed


Gen 7:6

And NoahH5146 [was] sixH8337 hundredH3967 yearsH8141 oldH1121 when the floodH3999 of watersH4325 was upon the earth.H776


(Just as it was in the days of Noah….)


What I found most revealing is that a Witness is named at Mars’ Hill.


NT Verse # 4401

Acts 17:22

ThenG1161 PaulG3972 stoodG2476 inG1722 the midstG3319 of Mars' hill,G697 and said,G5346 [Ye] menG435 of Athens,G117 I perceiveG2334 that inG2596 all thingsG3956 yeG5209 areG5613 too superstitious.G1174

Acts 17:23

ForG1063 as I passed by,G1330 andG2532 beheldG333 yourG5216 devotions,G4574 I foundG2147 G2532an altarG1041 withG1722 thisG3739 inscription,G1924 TO THE UNKNOWNG57 GOD.G2316 WhomG3739 thereforeG3767 ye ignorantlyG50 worship,G2151 himG5126 declareG2605 IG1473 unto you.G5213



The first thing to notice is the NT Verse # 4401.


Hebrew Strong’s # 4401 = Malachi


I happened to see Mars’ Hill as being two equal parts, and if Paul stood in the middle then perhaps we either divide or multiply by 2.


697 + 697 = 1394


Numeric Spelling of MID = 1394


So there is the “middle”…


Numeric Spelling of ACID = 1394


Phone Spelling 2243 = ACID


Greek Strong’s # 2243 = Elijah


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 1394 = MIL'LENIST, n. One who holds to the millenium. [Not used.]


So let me break it down by the patterns so it is easier to see.



Strong’s # G697 x 2 = 1394




Numeric Spelling 1394




Numeric Spelling 1394

Phone Spelling 2243


Elijah/Mal 4:5


Greek Strong’s # 2243

Book 39:4:5



Zip code 22430

Strong’s G5493 (Reverse)


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 1394



Verse # 697



Gematria = 5493


Greek Strong’s # 697 = Mars hill


Verse # 697 has a gematria = 5493   (Greek Strong’s # 5493 = brook)

Gen 26:4

And I will makeH7235 thy seedH2233 to multiplyH7235 as the starsH3556 of heaven,H8064 and will giveH5414 unto thy seedH2233 all theseH411 countries;H776 and in thy seedH2233 shall all the nationsH1471 of the earthH776 be blessed;H1288


Gen 26:4 has a BCV (Book Chapter Verse) = 1264


Verse # 1262 is the next verse with a gematria = 5493   (Greek Strong’s # 5493 = brook)

Gen 42:9

And JosephH3130 rememberedH2142 the dreamsH2472 which he dreamedH2492 of them, and saidH559 unto them, Ye [are] spies;H7270 to seeH7200 the nakednessH6172 of the landH776 ye are come.H935


What I noticed is that if you looked at these two numbers 1262 and 1264, they are acting like there ought to be “something” in the middle.


Hebrew Strong’s # 1263 = Baruch

Greek Strong’s # 1263 = to Witness, testify


The other night, I went to Wal-Mart with a very strong impression to buy Agave Nectar.  I had no idea why, other than I KNEW that I was supposed to buy it.  Here is the bottle that I bought.



Webster’s Word # 1263 = Agave


There is the reason….



I know of a Brooke who has said that her name is like Baruch meaning blessed.


The first time that this word TESTIFY appears in the New Testament, the verse has a gematria = 12217.


Luke 16:28

ForG1063 I haveG2192 fiveG4002 brethren;G80 thatG3704 he may testifyG1263 unto them,G846 lestG2443 theyG846 G3361alsoG2532 comeG2064 intoG1519 thisG5126 placeG5117 of torment.G931


The first verse with a BCV = 12217


Gen 22:17

That in blessingH1288 I will blessH1288 thee, and in multiplyingH7235 I will multiplyH7235 thy seedH2233 as the starsH3556 of the heaven,H8064 and as the sandH2344 which [is] upon the seaH3220 shore;H8193 and thy seedH2233 shall possessH3423 the gateH8179 of his enemies;H341


Looking at the reference…


Hebrew Strong’s # 2217 = Zerubbabel


The next verse with a gematria = 5493    (Greek Strong’s # 5493 = brook)

Deut 22:17

And, lo, he hath givenH7760 occasionsH5949 of speechH1697 [against her], saying,H559 I foundH4672 not thy daughterH1323 a maidH1331; and yet these [are the tokens of] my daughter'sH1323 virginity.H1331 And they shall spreadH6566 the clothH8071 beforeH6440 the eldersH2205 of the city.H5892


The last verse with a gematria = 5493 is Book 26:16:7  (Greek Strong’s # 5493 = brook)

Ezek 16:7

I have causedH5414 thee to multiplyH7233 as the budH6780 of the field,H7704 and thou hast increasedH7235 and waxen great,H1431 and thou art comeH935 to excellentH5716 ornaments:H5716 [thy] breastsH7699 are fashioned,H3559 and thine hairH8181 is grownH6779, whereas thou [wast] nakedH5903 and bare.H6181


Following the pattern…  26167 to the Verse #...


Verse # 26167

John 4:10

JesusG2424 answeredG611 andG2532 saidG2036 unto her,G846 IfG1487 thou knewestG1492 the giftG1431 of God,G2316 andG2532 whoG5101 it isG2076 that saithG3004 to thee,G4671 GiveG1325 meG3427 to drink;G4095 thouG4771 G302wouldest have askedG154 of him,G846 andG2532 he would have givenG1325 G302theeG4671 livingG2198 water.G5204


I know that this path may seem cumbersome to travel, but can you see what is emerging from within the framework of the Bible?   It is a picture.


If you cannot see the picture…. LOOK until you do.   I saw this the other day, and thought how appropriate because it is exactly what I experience.  I don’t know how else to describe what I see.



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Wade Balzer