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"[Revelation2217] BEVO - and the HIDE... the Kingdom of God...."


Thought I would pass on an echo….





I had a conversation about a year ago at a Starbucks with a man who told me all the Bevo stories.  So naturally when I see Bevo on a Yahoo headline, I have to investigate.


Phone Spelling 2386 = BEVO


Hebrew Strong’s # 2386 = Swine


Numeric Spelling 8157 = Hog

Hebrew Strong’s # 8157 = Clovenfooted


Lev 11:7

And the swine,H2386 though he divideH6536 the hoof,H6541 and be clovenfooted,H8157 H8156 yet he chewethH1641 not the cudH1625; he [is] uncleanH2931 to you.



Greek Strong’s # 5519 = Swine

Greek Strong’s # 5518 = Measure


Rev 6:6

AndG2532 I heardG191 a voiceG5456 inG1722 the midstG3319 of the fourG5064 beastsG2226 say,G3004 A measureG5518 of wheatG4621 for a penny,G1220 andG2532 threeG5140 measuresG5518 of barleyG2915 for a penny;G1220 andG2532 [see] thou hurtG91 notG3361 the oilG1637 andG2532 the wine.G3631


Now add measureG5518 of wheatG4621


5518 + 4621 = 10139


Webster’s Word # 10139 = Cloven-footed


What you have to see is that this is a Cherubim wheel.   What is being said is a path on that highway.  Again… I shake my head because I can’t even adequately describe it, or even WHY it is important.   I can see it, and if I were to follow that path, it would testify to what I can see.


What is the streets made of in heaven?    It depends on WHO you ask.   The Cherubim might say a PENNY.   The Cherubim is looking at it from all directions.


Greek Strong’s # 1220 = Penny

Hebrew Strong’s # 1220 = Gold


Job 22:24

Then shalt thou lay upH7896 goldH1220 asH5921 dustH6083, and the [gold] of OphirH211 as the stonesH6697 of the brooks.H5158



From the article…


…The visiting Aggies were served the side they had branded three years earlier and presented with a part of the hide that still read "13-0."


Divide the “Swine”…  2386 / 2 = 1193


Greek Strong’s # 1193 = made of hide: - {leathern} of a skin.


The reason I divided the “swine” is because it is next to lightning which is divided as it finds its channel though the heavens.


Hebrew Strong’s # 2385 = bright {cloud} lightning


Job 38:25

Who hath dividedH6385 a watercourseH8585 for the overflowing of waters,H7858 or a wayH1870 for the lightningH2385 of thunder;H6963


Now… if you can see this picture in your head, then you can see it in the structure of the Bible.


2386 Verses from Mal 4:6

Ezek 15:4

Behold, it is castH5414 into the fireH784 for fuel;H402 the fireH784 devourethH398 bothH8147 the endsH7098 of it, and the midstH8432 of it is burned.H2787 Is it meetH6743 for [any] work?H4399


2386 Verses from Esther 2:7

Ps 78:4

We will not hideH3582 [them] from their children,H1121 shewingH5608 to the generationH1755 to comeH314 the praisesH8416 of the LORD,H3068 and his strength,H5807 and his wonderful worksH6381 that he hath done.H6213


You will see this same picture when Lightning is divided….


Hebrew Strong’s # 2385 = bright {cloud} lightning


2385 / 2 = 1192.5


|<----- Hebrew Strong’s Dictionary ------>|

|<-- 7482 Entries -->|<-- 1192 Entries -->|


Ps 77:18

The voiceH6963 of thy thunderH7482 [was] in the heaven:H1534 the lightningsH1300 lightenedH215 the world:H8398 the earthH776 trembledH7264 and shook.H7493


The point is….


Matt 24:27

ForG1063 asG5618 the lightningG796 comethG1831 outG575 of the east,G395 andG2532 shinethG5316 even untoG2193 the west;G1424 soG3779 shallG2071 alsoG2532 the comingG3952 of the SonG3588 G5207 of manG3588 G444 be.G2071


When you divide the lightning…


796 / 2 = 398


Luke 19:11

And asG1161 theyG846 heardG191 these things,G5023 he addedG4369 and spakeG2036 a parable,G3850 becauseG1223 heG846 wasG1511 nighG1451 to Jerusalem,G2419 and becauseG2532 theyG846 thoughtG1380 thatG3754 the kingdomG932 of GodG2316 shouldG3195 immediatelyG3916 appear.G398


Gen 2:16

And the LORDH3068 GodH430 commandedH6680 the man,H120 saying,H559 Of every treeH6086 of the gardenH1588 thou mayest freelyH398 eat:H398


Look carefully….  Can you see the lightning?


freelyH398 eat:H398


398 + 398 = 796


…the original mascot was slaughtered and served at the team's banquet in the winter of 1920, where the freshly defeated A&M players were even invited to chow down. The visiting Aggies were served the side they had branded three years earlier and presented with a part of the hide that still read "13-0."


13-0 could be said, “Thirteen to zero”, but sounds like “Thirteen two zero”.


Gen 2:21

And the LORDH3068 GodH430 causedH5307 a deep sleepH8639 to fallH5307 upon Adam,H121 and he slept:H3462 and he tookH3947 oneH259 of his ribs,H6763 and closed upH5462 the fleshH1320 instead thereof;


1320 Verses from the End of the Bible

1Tim 5:18

ForG1063 the scriptureG1124 saith,G3004 Thou shaltG5392 notG3756 muzzleG5392 the oxG1016 that treadeth out the corn.G248 And,G2532 The labourerG2040 [is] worthyG514 of hisG846 reward.G3408


This verse has a gematria = 8515


Verse # 8515

2Sam 19:3

And the peopleH5971 gatH935 them by stealthH1589 that dayH3117 into the city,H5892 as peopleH5971 being ashamedH3637 steal awayH1589 when they fleeH5127 in battle.H4421


That is the ONLY mention of the word “STEALTH” in the Bible.


|<-- Hebrew and Greek Strong’s Dictionary -->|

|<--- 5783 Entries -->|<--- 8515 Entries --->|


Hebrew Strong’s # 5783 = to be made naked


Hebrew Strong’s # 8516 = clothing

Hebrew Strong’s # 8517 = snow   (a covering for the ground)


Isa 59:17

For he put onH3847 righteousnessH6666 as a breastplate,H8302 and an helmetH3553 of salvationH3444 upon his head;H7218 and he put onH3847 the garmentsH899 of vengeanceH5359 [for] clothing,H8516 and was cladH5844 with zealH7068 as a cloke.H4598


Are you seeing the picture?


|<----- Greek Strong’s Dictionary ------>|

|<-- 265 Entries -->|<-- 5359 Entries -->|


If “vengeance” is a garment what is the picture?


Mark 3:28

VerilyG281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 G3754AllG3956 sinsG265 shall be forgivenG863 unto the sonsG3588 G5207 of men,G3588 G444 andG2532 blasphemiesG988 wherewithG3745 soeverG302 they shall blaspheme:G987


Prov 10:12

HatredH8135 stirreth upH5782 strifes:H4090 but loveH160 coverethH3680 all sins.H6588


If H5359 = Vengeance is a garment, then so is G5359 = Philadelphia.  (Love of the brethren)


Strong’s # G5360 = Brotherly Love


Strong’s # H264 = Brotherhood

Strong’s # G264 = trespass


Matt 18:15

MoreoverG1161 ifG1437 thyG4675 brotherG80 shall trespassG264 againstG1519 thee,G4571 goG5217 andG2532 tellG1651 himG846 his faultG1651 betweenG3342 theeG4675 andG2532 himG846 alone:G3441 ifG1437 he shall hearG191 thee,G4675 thou hast gainedG2770 thyG4675 brother.G80


Looking at the reference…. Strong’s # G1815 = Resurrection


You have to see this….


Dan 7:9

I beheldH2370 H1934 tillH5705 the thronesH3764 were cast down,H7412 and the AncientH6268 of daysH3118 did sit,H3488 whose garmentH3831 [was] whiteH2358 as snow,H8517 and the hairH8177 of his headH7217 like the pureH5343 wool:H6015 his throneH3764 [was like] the fieryH5135 flame,H7631 [and] his wheelsH1535 [as] burningH1815 fire.H5135


|<----- Hebrew Strong’s Dictionary ----->|

|<-- 157 Entries -->|<-- 8517 Entries -->|


Gen 22:2

And he said,H559 Take nowH3947 thy son,H1121 thine onlyH3173 [son] Isaac,H3327 whom thou lovest,H157 and get theeH3212 into the landH776 of Moriah;H4179 and offer himH5927 there for a burnt offeringH5930 upon oneH259 of the mountainsH2022 which I will tellH559 thee of.


Verse # 157  

Gen 6:19

And of every living thingH2416 of all flesh,H1320 twoH8147 of every [sort] shalt thou bringH935 into the arkH8392, to keep [them] aliveH2421 with thee; they shall be maleH2145 and female.H5347


Can you see the overtone of LOVE?


Perhaps you haven’t noticed the connection between Gen 22:2 and Gen 2:22.


Gen 2:22

And the rib,H6763 which the LORDH3068 GodH430 had takenH3947 from man,H120 madeH1129 he a woman,H802 and broughtH935 her unto the man.H120


Hebrew Strong’s # 6763 = rib


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 6763 = Philadelphian


I will give you one more picture….


Numeric Spelling 8157 = HOG


Hebrew Strong’s # 8517 = SNOW


The heart is the difference…  one is turned around.


Exod 15:2

The LORDH3050 [is] my strengthH5797 and song,H2176 and he is become my salvation:H3444 heH2088 [is] my God,H410 and I will prepare him an habitation;H5115 my father'sH1 God,H430 and I will exaltH7311 him.


See the heart in the Habitation?


If SNOW is a covering of LOVE….


Verse # 1192  (Strong’s # G1192 = hide of flesh)

Gen 40:19

Yet within threeH7969 daysH3117 shall PharaohH6547 lift upH5375 thy headH7218 from off thee, and shall hangH8518 thee on a tree;H6086 and the birdsH5775 shall eatH398 thy fleshH1320 from off thee.


Hebrew Strong’s # 8517 = SNOW

Hebrew Strong’s # 8518 = HANG


Hebrew Strong’s # H157 = Love

Hebrew Strong’s # H155 = Garment


Gen 25:25

And the firstH7223 came outH3318 red,H132 all over like an hairyH8181 garment;H155 and they calledH7121 his nameH8034 Esau.H6215


Hebrew Strong’s # 8181 = hairy

Hebrew Strong’s # 1818 = blood


Do you see the LOVE?   Look at the reference….


Greek Strong’s # 25 = LOVE


Why did Jacob grab Esau’s heel?   It is a picture…


Hebrew Strong’s # 6215 = Esau

Hebrew Strong’s # 5126 = Nun (the father of Joshua)


…The visiting Aggies were served the side they had branded three years earlier and presented with a part of the hide that still read "13-0."


Now you should have eyes to see…


Hebrew Strong’s # 130 = Edomite

Greek Strong’s # 130 = Shedding of Blood


Rev 19:13

AndG2532 heG4016 [was] clothed withG4016 a vestureG2440 dippedG911 in blood:G129 andG2532 hisG846 nameG3686 is calledG2564 The WordG3056 of God.G2316


vestureG2440 dippedG911 in blood:G129    = 2440 + 911 + 129 = 3480


Greek Strong’s # 3480 = of Nazareth


The most revealing is:


Phone # 3478 = DIRT   (The stuff we were made of and shall return to)


Greek Strong’s # 3478 = Nazareth

Hebrew Strong’s # 3478 = Israel


Gen 32:28

And he said,H559 Thy nameH8034 shall be calledH559 no more Jacob,H3290 but Israel:H3478 for as a prince hast thou powerH8280 with GodH430 and with men,H582 and hast prevailed.H3201


Interesting…. Speaking of Garments….


Phone Spelling 2386 = BEVO

Hebrew Strong’s # 2386 = Swine




Hebrew Strong’s # 6832 = Overlay, cover


Ok… I am done…. I have just looked and I don’t see an end…  I’m TIRED.


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 21127 = TIRED


Book 21:12:7

Eccl 12:7

Then shall the dustH6083 returnH7725 to the earthH776 as it was: and the spiritH7307 shall returnH7725 unto GodH430 who gaveH5414 it.


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