Virginia Arnke (13 Nov 2010)
"WARNING !!!....Message received on 11/7/10 by Star"

Warning!!!...message Given To Star On 11/7/10; MISSLES HITTING U.S.

 The Lord showed me the U.S. and showed me missles, some from Russia and more missles from another source further west-from west coast of the U.S. The missles hit the U.S. but one hit the White House. The top, back and side fell away and exposed a multi- headed, multi- armed and multi- legged unclean spirit. Every filthy word imaginable and
act was written on this thing. I asked the Lord how to fight this...Jesus said He would destroy it. The roots went all the way to hell. It is a principality spirit.


His Servant,

The above message was not released until today even though she received it on 11/7/10

Posted by Virginia Arnke on  11/12/10