Virginia Arnke (1 Nov 2010)
"Wedding Christmas"

These are messages that were posted but because of their significance I am posting them again for a possibility of our rapture time.

'Wedding Christmas'

Jim Reeve


I had a dream last week where I received a wedding invitation. The
invitation was trimmed in green and red (Christmas colors) and it told
me to remember to bring a Christmas present. Doing some research,
there is a case to be made that Tishri 15, or the first day of the Feast
of Tabernacles is the real birthday of Jesus. I have witnessed some
revelation that would seem to confirm this thesis. So, a wedding
invitation with a Christmas present. Not sure of the whole meaning,
but I'm keeping an eye on the middle of next wee

>From revivalist at Alabama outpouring: "the Lord is now pouring out
upon his people and as a sign in the coming days the news media will
see the Glory of God because there will be a great darkness seek to
overtake the world. However, there will be a great light that will shine
and the people running from the darkness will run into the light. The
trickle will become a mighty river and the Glory of God will shine in
the coming days."


Read the message that kue placed on this website of a dream this person had about relates to this. I received message in regards to Christmas as the time of the Wedding supper and it was snowing. I will write more of this at a later time.

Dream about my friend retuning from a far country
August 22 2010 kue

in the dream my friend had bin away for a long time and his father came and told me privately,
that his son will return in a few days,
they were going to have a party for him because the day when he would return was on his birthday,
i felt very special when my friends father invited me to his sons birthday party
because his son had other friends like myself
but for some reason he choose and invited me secretly
none of the other friends knew when, or if, his son would return,
i felt that he invited me because,
his son which was also one of my bestfriends, was going to bring gifts for me
and i would recieve them when he arrived, i was very excited.
I remember in the dream,
i heard his father telling me the address of the house where the birthday party will be kept
and where his son will be arriving,
i remebered the address in the dream but i forgot it after i awoke.
while he was telling me the address,
i saw the front of the house in a small vision where his son will arrive
and it was decorated with red and white Christmas decorations and there was also SNOW on the front lawn
he gave me the address, showed me the front of the house and told me when he was coming but i had to get there by myself.
i also saw that they were going to be alot of kids at this return birthday party for his son.
End of dream.

PS..I believe from what I and my Christian Sister Star have been recdiving for the last month or two that a possible rapture around early part of December.   I myself have received over the past three years short mesages along with many others that the rapture could happen around Hanukkah or thereabouts...This could very well be the season..however no specific date has not been given...He did say we can know the season and to  WATCH ISRAEL FOR A SIGN. I will post some of the short messages we have been receiving sometime in early Novermber.