Vicki (2 Nov 2010)
"Mike Curtiss re: Oct 30 post"


Hi Mike,
 Thanks for the info. I too have a strong stirring that BHO is also the Mahdi.I stand in awe of our Great and Almighty God as He works out all these intricate details. Although I haven't had a confirmation as to BHO being the Mahdi (yet), God has showed me that BHO is the "beast- antichrist". I shared this with 5 Doves on July31,2010 and also more details on Aug.9 2010.I don't know if you happened to read these or not but here are the links.
 I hope this comes through, I'm still learning this "copy and paste" thing. Also, I'm really interested in who else is "skipping town". You mentioned 1500. Any info on who the are? Are they taking the dog?
 If so... We know we're in trouble. Any feed back would be great.
     In Christ,