Valerie Skrzyniak (22 Nov 2010)
"I had a vision of the Lord Jesus........!"

Last night, after a long day with the granchildren, I decided it was time to get some sleep!  I actually fell asleep first at the computer before retiring to bed!  LOL!!!
I thought I would share my wonderful experience I had last night.  I should add that I didn't get to bed until after 1:25 am, therefore, It was Nov. 21st, already.
I had a vision of the Lord Jesus...!
After my nightly prayers, I lay in bed, and before I close my eyes to go to sleep, I always say, "I Love You Jesus", and I always hear that inner small voice respond, "I love you too, Valerie"!  I did the same last night as I do ever other night, and no sooner I closed my eyes, I saw Jesus standing before me.  Jesus was illuminated with a dazzling sparking white light!  Jesus was clothed and dressed in whiter than white, as he stood there smiling at me with his arms wide opened reaching out to me!  The next thing I knew I saw myself in his arms, which were wrapped around me as he was holding me close to Him and hugging me, as His love overflowed in my most innermost being.  I too was dressed in a white gown.  His white light was so brilliant on His person which engulfed and surrounded us both, I felt like we were one being...The vision must of lasted 5-10 seconds!  I opened my eyes with tears flowing down my face as I was totally overwhelmed at what I had just seen occur. Then I heard within, that still small voice; I am coming to take my bride home!   I have prepared a place for you and for all those whom love my appearing! Occupy just a little longer, and do not despair! I will come!
Come Lord Jesus, we are waiting, longing and loving your appearing!