Tracy Liz (30 Nov 2010)
"chris k"

  For some reason, after reading the first two lines of your post yesterday, I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy.  I have NEVER felt that intense an emotion before in my LIFE!!  Just the sheer joy of fellowshipping with my brothers and sisters on this board washed over me with the most incredible, indescribable gratitude that I had to stop reading and cry out to the Lord.  So many other online boards descend into pettiness, bickering and backstabbing-and with our brothers and sisters in Christ, no less!  We are NEVER immune, tho....and we have to be constantly on- guard for all those subtle tricks satan uses to make us destroy one another.  So many times I can see it starting (and it is VERY HARD to avoid!), and yet, every time, we are gently (or sometimes not-so-gently!!) led by others here to gain control of our emotions, ask for forgiveness, and accept correction.  Have you all got ANY idea what a precious gift this is?  Those of us more mature in our walk take corrective action, fellowship is restored, and lessons are learned!  I weep with thankfulness in this season that God has given us such a priceless gift, and allowed such exchanges to be public so that those on this board, as well as those just passin' thru, can see what our Father means when He began building up the body of the church.  These are essential lessons to learn, as WELL as to witness!
  Can you imagine living in the Lord's sight, under His direct teaching, being able to share this incredible gift for eternity (minus the bickering part, of course!  LOL).  Just the tiny taste right now is almost more than I can bear!  Praise be to our Lord and Savior!  I can't stand waiting one more day-but I am WILLING to endure, if only to bring one more soul into that eternal fellowship!  Thank you Lord!  We will be at your feet forever, as one body!  There are NO WORDS for that type of absolute bliss!  Tracy Liz