Tracy Liz (17 Nov 2010)
"early watchers on five doves"

  Just having a chuckle over the length of your site's pieces the last few weeks.  You may not know it (John!), but I have been a lurker for more years than I care to admit!  Some days, durring my darkest times, finding your site to read was the only thing that kept me hanging on!  However, from MY first few years (2000-2006 or so), there were MANY days where there was only four or five posts, if that much!  Some days, it was just a few items of intrest that John himself found and  posted, with no participation at all!  Five or six posts was the NORM, not the exception!  All I have to do these days to see the acceleration of the birth pangs is to see the VOLUME of happenings EVERY DAY!  For those new here, take my word: what John accomplishes every day, in comparison to earlier years, is SIMPLY STAGGERING!  Sorry, John-but it ain't gonna let up anytime soon! (I'm not sorry, tho!  I LOVE each and every ONE!!).  Please, everyone:remember John in your daily prayers for protection.  The fruit this site bears is inestimable! (except to the Lord-and His opinion is the ony one that matters!).  Tracy Liz
Thanks, Tracy!
The baby is about to come out!