Traci Anne (4 Nov 2010)
"RE: John Caraballo "disturbing dream""


I read your post this morning and I am compelled to post a response.  I have only posted twice before re: my Down Syndrome son and what the Lord has been saying through his mouth over the last year.

While I do not have an interpretation for you I may have an insight.  My husband and I have attended a church for 23 years.  We were married in this church, raised our children in this evangelical church AND was deeply involved in the music ministry.  This is why your friends dream caught my attention.  This dream could EASILY apply to our church.

Last year my son started acting frightened to go to church, specifically into the sanctuary.  He has never acted this way, he has always LOVED church. For years our children have often sat by themselves while my husband and I played/or sang.  They have always participated, we have never had any problems.  Last October of 2009 he started objecting to church, quite frankly, out of the blue.  By December I was spending the service with him in the bathroom where the couches are for the ladies.  My husband and I started asking the Lord to show us what our son sees.  Well, the second Sunday of March in 2010 Jesus showed us what our son saw/sees.  It was the first Sunday in ages we were both in the service and the kids sat between us.  We basically FORCED our son to sit through the service (for the first time in 6 months) and I experienced something that was unnatural and difficult to describe.  It was demonic beyond anything I have ever witnessed.  And then at the end of the moment (which seemed like forever) my eyes were opened and I saw the demonic person of anger and hatred sitting on my pastors back.  It had horrible teeth, horrible skin and more than two eyes.  And it was voicing concrete hatred to the throne of the Father.  In that instant the Lord brought to my understanding what exactly it means to quench the Spirit.  I understand now that the things we do and say are a direct highway to the throne room of the Father.

My husband and I had drove separate cars that morning (for the first time in nearly a year) and this provided me ample time to go home slowly.  I was stunned, to say the least, and a little panicky on how exactly I would explain this to my husband.  The Lord took care of that because when I got home he immediately confronted me with the question “What EXACTLY did the Lord reveal to you today in the service? No, never mind, I already know because He revealed it to me also.”  And yes, Jesus did.

Strangely enough the very next day a friend from church called with a deep burden on her heart.  The Lord gave me knowledge of her revelation and she immediately told me what she also had happened in the service.  It was the very same understanding.  Sadly enough, her husband is an elder.  He has effectively not dealt with it.

Now, the story is not done yet.  My sister was told by Jesus that He had delivered us from the Synagogue of Satan, and that He will deliver others too.


It has been over six months since we left this church. The elders were our friends for 23- 15 years and not one has been willing to come and hear our hearts.  We were slandered by the pastor and an elder.  I cannot begin to tell you how this has helped us see that indeed the church has been dwelt by the enemy and into the very hearts of man.  The abominations are starting and the walls are shaken. There were many strange things that had happened to me personally while at church over the last three years.  Now I know with no doubt it was the enemy harassing me.    

Now today we are looking forward to His coming more than ever.  Please understand, revelations, dreams and words of knowledge have been so very new to my family, but within the last two years the Lord has opened up His hand and overflowed us with these things.  He has been so very good to us and I am willing to suffer the cost for Him.  To be someone who speaks His truth, even while persecuted by the church.


Traci Anne