Tony Ellsworth (16 Nov 2010)
"Dec 8 - 10th"


Many, many reasons to “WATCH” this day!  (Dec 7th – 10th)


1.        Hanukah, last day(s)

2.       10th is 10-10-10, old style, Dec means “10”

3.       Tevet is when Esther was called up

4.       Apollo 8 and the Genesis proclamation of the moon, 42 years Jewish date was launched and then proclaimed Genesis 1:1-10 on Christmas Eve (Gregorian), or last 3 days of Hanukah.  King Saul reigned 42 years, and then was no more.  Saul is a type of Satan, pride, etc.  David, seat of David, Key of David, Grace, represents Jesus.

5.       Sun in sign of Ophiuchus:

6.       the celestial chariot is high @ midnight in December.  Ref both at: