Tompson (4 Nov 2010)
"RE: John's  Disturbing Dream"

Dear John Caraballo

This dream was a bit confusing at first only because it is actually a dream about you from someone else. I have prayed and asked for help from the Holy Spirit to understand your dream. As I too have been burdened in heart by a dream that seems to have the warnings so clear that this one does. I hope I am a help to you and that my interpretation is from the Lord. If it is in error I receive all of the credit if it is not and it ministers to your heart I pray you will thank Jesus Christ for his mercy.

The dreamer of this dream and you actually are being warned that there is a great dividing and deception going on all around you. For the most part I believe this is a warning about your local church. However it is possible this dream is actually a warning about family issues. But since I do not have the ability to ask questions that would confirm or deny this I ask you to ask the dreamer, is there anything in that person’s life that would fit into the symbolic pictures they are seeing in their dream. For instance is there someone in real life that is sounding off their own opinions and hurting others by them? How does the dreamer feel like their life is crumbling all around them? That will likely give you the compass as to what this dream is actually pointing to if anything other than what appears to be obvious. But in dreams we must dig deeper then what is obvious and ask ourselves hard questions. If the dream can not be related to the person’s personal life at the time of the dream then you can proceed with thinking the Church in this dream means just that the local church you and the dreamer are attending. Otherwise this dream could very well be a warning about the dreamer’s personal life falling a part due to listening to the wrong voices in their lives, maybe an experience you and the dreamer have in common? All of that I state with resistance in my heart because I realize it is a negative compass for this dream and I ask your patience as I go on. From here I am going to assume this dream is indeed about your local church

I may be reached by direct email at should you have further questions and think I could be onto something but just a little off here or there. Clarifying questions would help greatly.


The dream is about a testing that is going on -music is a form of worship to the Lord when it is done in the right heart. However in this case the people gathering together to practice this music are not making a sound pleasing to the Lord no instead it is evil groaning. I tend to think there must be a new teaching or way of doing things at your church that people are not quite familiar with and honestly are uncomfortable with. However many have joined all around you and the dreamer on this and the groaning is quite loud like people are being mindless and chanting. The sounding board in your dream I believe is symbolic for the slang term of the phrase meaning, a sounding board is a good listener, and either confirms what they hear or offers an opinion when the sound they hear is "off key".

The pastor’s wife is discerning the sound is off key and trying to prove it to others. However there are others who hear this new sound and are trying to use it to further their own agendas and programs. There are others who are absolutely oblivious to this noise acting foolishly in the Spirit of Grace but are ignoring the fact the church and its leaders are crumbling and falling apart all around them. The two men leaving the church is a picture of division as two is the number for division (these two men are in union in causing this division too.) They have left the back door of the church which is symbolic of leaving the wrong entrance, they are acting in deceit and cowardice, and their intentions were never any good. The fact the person dreaming could not leave through this back door themselves I believe is a picture that they are not to leave at all but to stand on the front lines for the church and wait on the Lord. I even believe the fact they kept waking up is too apart of the message being sent. Wake up and go back to exactly what you knew you should be doing in the first place, standing firm in the faith at the front of the Church. (The front lines of battle come to mind here.)The door for them to leave is shut right now and they need to turn in prayer for the church along with the others who are coming to the realization that this new teaching is not from the lord and they need to cry out in repentance before him. This new teaching (could be a new leader) is causing a huge amount of groaning, this groaning is murmuring, complaining and backbiting in the church and it is destructive. The person standing up in the middle of all of this is the person who though is speaking like he is talking from the Lord should not be heard. For he is not anointed by God. However if people persist on listening to him they will hear and receive what he is saying and be apart of his destruction for his heart is full of pride he wants to be the center of attention. His heart because of pride only glorifies Satan. Follow this man and the church will fall into utter destruction, there will be a great division because of this man and others sounding off their opinions against the foundation and leaders of the church and none will be spared, the damage will be unstoppable.

Below is how I broke down the symbols in your dream individually I hope that will help you interpret the dream further. In case I am wrong.

Record it...a method of putting something down in evidence form. To capture it to be heard by others. to Confirm it.

Pastor's wife is trying to record it from the sounding board. Evaluate and confirm the new sound she is hearing. The groaning. The sound is not music but to the Lord's ears but groaning. The church is his body, his heart his bride. What he is hearing is not worship of praise to him but groaning this new thing is groaning.

2 Men went out back door. 2 is division/union

going out the back door is escaping cowardly like easy and early. It is deceit.

Music director is symbolic. He is using the groaning for his own advantage to advance his own purposes to scare people for something more to come in the future.

This is practice for the church- a testing. It is not time for you to leave, if you left now you would be going out the back door and not the front. You are not allowed to leave this church yet. You are needed to be eyes and ears to what is really going on all around you in the body. The door is not open for you to leave yet, the Door is shut. You feel like the walls of life and your church are crumbling all around you but stay in the front, stand your ground and your guard. Go back to the position of standing and watching.

5 women represents grace but in this case it is keeping the five women from being able to realize what is actually going on around them ...the church is falling apart. They are too busy sounding off and valuing their own opinion likely to do with grace. I do not get the impression these women are acting in grace but it is possible they are.

Staying on the platform is standing watching to see what happens next.

Mother in law and I...front of the church. The front is eyes wide opened aware of all that is going on in front of you. Bride's mother? Maybe Catholic church? A marriage to what?


The walls of the church....the leaders

/..The sanctity, turning black like a burnt wall is a church that is being put on fire and being scarred by what? The groaning or chanting...of evil is the backbiting and complaining.


Something evil is going on around you. Starting back where you left off.

The fall of the body/walls is making some turn in repentance and cry out to the lord in prayer, however there will be some who will refuse to repent.

A division of the church a splitting apart that is destroying everyone there. The sound board is not good in this case people are valuing their confirmations and opinions more then what is going on around them which is the falling away of the body. The leaders are falling, the church is being divided.

A man who secretly wants to be the pastor, to be the center of attention, he is not anointed to be a speaker in the church which is why he is not meant to be heard. But people are listening to him anyway. he is there as a wolf in sheep’s clothing,, but if everyone continues to try and listen this man since great pride is in his heart and he will lead many astray for what he speaks is not of God but only from the evil one whom in his heart he secretly worships and all who follow him will be lead astray in this dividing. (The demons are what is working to bring the groaning and screams.) The evil one is at work to destroy this church and unless people quit listening to this man the church will fall apart and be no more.