Tompson (4 Nov 2010)
"Majorily Important Benjamin Netanyahu  Facebook Posts",r:9,s:0
These are posts by Netanyahu about the 7 YEAR LEASE OF LAND PROPOSAL
There is no denial in Israel and the denial of the second party and therefore we expect the Palestinians to embrace the approach of peace. "
I had no idea this was a seven year lease proposal. I believe this is the treaty we are looking for folks. Please see the picture link above, if that is not an historic picture I do not know what is. Now what REALLY SCARES me the most who is in the picture. BOTH of the men I think with all of my heart could be the Antichrist and False Prophet. God picks the order of who is who. Obama and King Abdullah of Jordan.
If I am understanding Netanyahus' statement above correctly then the parties have accepted the agreement and the Tribulation starts today if all goes through! Look up our redemption is nigh. If not just at the door. Watch out for November 6,2010 or earlier.