Tina Abrams (18 Nov 2010)
"? for a Hebrew Scholar & Cris's # 2222"

Dear Cris,

Just for fun I looked up the number you are seeing in the Hebrew / Greek Strong's dictionary. Allot of us do that here on 5 doves. We find amazing matches. Meanings, from just the placed Heb. or Greek word under the number order placed in the dictionary. After doing this so long. We have seen connections that can not be coincidence's with personal lives and the Bible. But understand it is NOT biblical to do this. Just interesting to some of us, at what we find.

So here goes...
#2222 in Heb. ""To flow, A pouring rain, water"

#2222 in Gr.  " (Zoe, ZWH ) " LIFE, Lifetime "
So when you see the 22 : 22 separated. I looked up 44 :

#44 in Heb. " Father of Help"

#44 in Gr. "A Hook"

Now I will go down to just the number 22 :

# 22 in Heb. (Abiel) "Father (possessor ) of God"  (?????)

#22 in Gr. "Unmarried"


So all together I get the picture that comes first to my mind , Of the Trinity...Mostly, the Holy spirit of the Trinity. Anyone else see something that stands out ?

But I have a question for a Hebrew scholar ? I have looked up, in the past, many times the # 22 for personal reasons and pondered over and over the definition.
It IS a Hebrew word." Abiel" So It does exist. So It IS real, I am trying to say. So "Father of GOD" !!?? What does that mean ? Is the Holy Spirit the Father of God or something else, us,as humans do not understand ? My mind starts imagining stories of old. Stories of Mythology. And then I feel guilty and think I am wicked thinking such thoughts. Could someone look into this or PLEASE explain it to me ?
Thank you so so much
Tina Abrams