Texas Sue (8 Nov 2010)
"A Wonderful Surprise for Us - Keep Looking Up, Our Redemption IS Near"

I just finished hearing our early service this morning and the teaching here is within a Hebraic framework and understanding the bible from a Hebrew foundation and time from the Hebrew calendar. This year, Sept. 9, 2010 to Sept. 28, 2011, is on the Hebrew calendar 5771. Hebrew alphabet letters are also numbers and can go back and forth so the letters for this year in Hebrew mean:

Ayin Aleph:
"May it be the year we see the One"

Ayin = 70
Aleph = 1 or the year 71 (5771)

The letter for 70 is Ayin which means "two eyes" or to see.

The letter for 1 is Aleph, the beginning letter of the Hebrew Alpahbet and represents a new beginning. It also brings to mind that Jesus said, "I AM the Alpha and the Omega". This was the greek translation meaning "A to Z" or the whole alphabet. In Hebrew it would read, "I AM the Aleph and Tau", the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Also, the drawing of the letter "ALEPH" or the number 1 looks like two arms, one reaching up to heaven and one reaching to earth. Looks like a picture of "FROM EARTH TO HEAVEN, FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH". Doesn't that sound like the church/bride going up and the two witnesses and judgment (bowls, trumpets, vial judgments) coming down?

Some of the meanings associated with this year on the Hebrew calendar are: traveling, going, go, traveling company (group of people), caravan, journey, harvest, ingathering.

This is also a LEAP YEAR on the Hebrew calendar and it has 13 months, 385 days (instead of 360 days).

Don't know what you may think of this but it screams rapture, journey home, beginning of our new life, God beginning the final time period of this age - tribulation, judgement, final wars, etc. Also, remember, and this is very important, if we are God's people grafted into Abraham's lineage through the chosen son Issac then we are on HIS CALENDAR. That means we can go home anytime on this Jewish/Hebrew calendar frame of September 9, 2010 to September 28, 2011. Look up our redemption draws near!

Here is a website with more details on the meaning of the Hebrew year 5771: