Suzy V (11 Nov 2010)
"Chinese Commando Forces on the Turkish Mountains"

Chinese Commando Forces on the Turkish Mountains

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


ANKARA - The People's Liberation Army of China and the Turkish Armed Forces kicked off a one-week joint military training on Monday in Turkey, China Radio International reports.The drill, held between commando forces of the two armies, focuses on basic skills of combating in mountain regions, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense said in a statement on its website.

The drill is the first of its kind and aims to deepen the military cooperation and improve the combating ability between the two armies.

Turkish and Chinese militaries had also conducted a joint aerial exercise in central Anatolia, between 20 September and 4 October. Taking into account the concern of the United States, Turkey had used during the exercise F-4 fighters, rather than F-16 fighters. The Russian-made SU-27s used by the Chinese air force and refueled in Iran.

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