Suzi (6 Nov 2010)
"To John RP re: 50% of Christians & Rapture"

I already get that 'she's crazy' look and words from my family and others. I keep saying, 'something big could be happening soon'....and when it's not something that directly affects them, they don't see the big picture. When I told them to keep their eyes open in Oct. '08 and then Obama did his 'address to many' and made those promises, I was doing the 'see I told you'...yet all I got was askance looks and eye rolls.

Now, we've got a family outing planned this weekend....I'm thinking about bringing extra water/food items, making sure the cars are always filled up (even if I have to make a 'potty break' excuse to then 'go ahead and fill up the car'). My family are all Christians, and they know they are 'right with the Lord'...but they think I am nuts to dwell on the 'End Times'. They feel they are going to happen someday, but we can't put off living while waiting.

I feel such an urgency, but I continue to try to do my normal stuff. I guess keeping my heart in prayer and praying over my family as we travel (we are going to Southern CA, from Central CA) the best I can do.