Suzi (6 Nov 2010)
"To Robert Rose re: update on BHO Exodus"

Just a couple things, one's a nitpick, the other an observation.

In the list it has "Guy Hawks Day", it's actually "Guy Fawkes" Just some info about that day, besides the tradition of bonfires (very symbolic of a city burning, which so many have reported in dreams and visions lately):

And a note on the TV show "V". I was one of many who got to watch the pilot of "V" months early at Comic Con '09 (July). My conservative daughters and friend all had our mouths open the whole time! It was so laden with obvious 'anti-Obama' symbolism we were cracking up. They made jabs at 'Universal Health Care', showing how it would be the death of many and the eventual genocide of mankind. There were so many points that I wish I could get a copy of the pilot they showed us. They edited out a lot of stuff before it aired on network TV. Still, it was very much a commentary on the way things are now.

Also, as many of you know, there are those who honestly believe that some humans 'evolved' from a 'reptilian' race. They were the followers of Satan, Those like him, who thought they could 'do it better' than God. Many believe that Obama is 'one of them'. The coldness, the charisma and looks (personally I think he sounds like a stammering idiot and is NOT attractive!). Anyway, the TV show "V" is a perfect example of some of the behind the scenes stuff that many believe is going on in the world today...unlike the characters in that show though, we have not been 'made aware' of the threat of an 'alien' (ie: Demonic) race/entities that live among us. *shudder*

Thanks again for that list. Talk about RATS abandoning a sinking ship! Think I'm gonna go buy some more water and non perishable foods. Things could get ugly before we are 'snatched away to safety'.