Suzi (5 Nov 2010)
"To Mike Curtiss RE BHO evil visits to demonic places"

I agree 100%!! Especially about the 'recharging of evil batteries'!!

Note that when he plans these visits, even when they are postponed, they've always included some non-Christian 'holy' place. Scary.

I agree too that the Gulf stuff was of his doing. He'd just made the announcement/speech about ALLOWING the drilling...when 'BOOM". He either knew about it, was part of it, or it was triggered because of his words.

Now, he's been knocked down. Did you see his face when he made that speech? I flippantly wrote on my facebook. "Obama looks consipated. I bet those words taste nasty in his mouth". He seriously looked ill. I think he was genuinely shocked that things did not go 'his way'. Yes, he will go pay homage to whatever demonic entities have been helping him thus far. Expect to see some massive indication that he's back 'on track' and 'fully charged. OR maybe Satan is done with him. If he is the receptical for the should be happening soon, but then, he could be just another pawn and the AC will usurp him as the messianic figure he's been all this time. People are starting to realize the lies they bought into.

Okay, I need to get busy. We are going away this weekend. A friend from here was saying how he expected something big to come down soon. I agree. But we have to keep on living, even as we watch and pray. I can't think of a better place to be than with family if we start to fly!

Blessings to all!!


*I hope to read, even if I don't have time to reply to letters while I'm gone*