Suzi (4 Nov 2010)
"Re: Disturbing Dream"

Just from what I could gather, I don't think, just because the dream was personal, with people known and a place known, that it reflects on that particular church &/or group of people. I just think it means it is PERSONAL, meaning, your relationship to 'The Church'. This, to me is a basic 'End Times' dream. Everything in it speaks of what we all know is happening and will continue to happen (and get increasingly worse) as the time draws near for us to leave.

Simply put, there will be a 'crumbling' of establishes 'religions'. There will be the revelations of how some 'churches' were actually doing Satan's work (The Bible tells us that some will say, 'didn't we do this and that in your name?' and Jesus will say, 'depart, I knew you not'). There will be leaders of high rank within mainstream churches who will not see the dangers coming and just keep on with what they are doing, while the walls literally fall down around them.

You will not be able to leave until the time is right (the rehearsal isn't over yet). This dream also confirms what some people have said and others don't accept....we, the Church WILL have Tribulations. BUT, we will be taken out of there before it gets too bad. We will be witness to the 'falling away' of some of the false leaders and organizations before the rapture happens. Real believers will be very aware (watchers) of what is happening, while others, in high places within the organizations will be oblivious, and even try to use some things that are happening for personal use/gain, without really 'getting' the significance.

The fact that the dream kept coming shows how urgent your mind knows this issue to be, your spirit is aware of these facts and played out a scenario for you to put it into context. IF it was meant to be 'personal', as in those people who were recognized, then the best thing you can do is pray for them, they may have just been representatives of the Church body at large, or it could have been THEM. Either way, pray for our leaders, those who lead us, those in positions of authority in the church. Remember too, that just because a man stands behind a pulpit and speaks, does not always mean he is speaking God's truth, many 'Christian' churches have people who, knowingly or not are serving Satan. *shudder*

I always tell my kids, who have a gift of dreams and 'knowing' things, that sometimes we get a dream that we really can't do anything about, other than PRAY. So, that is what we all can do, thanks to you sharing this. I think it is representative of the Body of Christ as a whole...but on the chance it is about the people known in the dream, PRAY for them.