Suzi (30 Nov 2010)
"To Deborah Re: DHS shutting down websites"

I find it extremely interesting that just when the DHS is shutting down websites in the name of 'safety', we have documents 'leaked' and given to Wikileaks. It's amazing to everyone that someone who was 'low level' was able to get to the docs. Why would an American want to give out data that could harm our country? Also noted was the mention of 'what to do' about the owner of Wikileaks. Sounds to me like they are getting ready to shut this site down. They've called it a 'yellow flag'.

I know I have a very suspicious nature, but I think this was done on purpose. It's giving the DHS a reason to shut done MORE of the internet. This is too big, and it will give them ample reason to 'protect' us, but grabbing this domain and any others who repost the info. Meaning, most every conservative/Christian site who's talking about this is probably being watched.

This, to me is the equivalent of 'planting evidence' by dirty cops to 'catch a bad guy'. They don't care how, it's the end result they want. Goal? Control of the internet. Obama is just playing out his goal of controlling every aspect of our lives. Just wait and see.