Suzi (30 Nov 2010)
"Agree with Gary"

For me too, this wonderful site, thanks to John and all the Doves is the one place I can go to for info, news, and Biblical teachings/insights on the Rapture/End Times. I can't get this info/interaction anywhere else. My family sort of 'humors' me, but I don't feel the kinship on this level anywhere else.

My daughter make mention that 'if we see Obama survive a headwound, we're heading for the hills'...

I told her, I didn't believe she'd have to, as we'd most likely be flying! But that is as close as we've come to actually discussing things. Most people I know just think we need to be right with the Lord and not worry about the when of things. Maybe that's true in part, but I can't help but feel the need/urgency to keep watching.