Suzi (3 Nov 2010)
"to Liz Tracy re: BHO's trips"

Good points all.

We need to also remember that two different times, when BHO had trips set that would have put him proximity to other occultic locales, disaster or other 'work related' things popped up that kept him from going! I wish I had a better memory, but I know one was on midsummer and if he'd gone to the temple he was planning on, he would have taken part in a ritual that believes that the long awaited 'one' will be indwelt with some spiritual power. I may be wrong, but I'm thinking that one was for Indonesia.

The gulf oil disaster kept him from one trip, and I think it was voting on the health care bill that kept him from another. Someone with a better memory and better search skills please check these things for me.

It just seems like he's been thwarted at least twice before.