Suzi (29 Nov 2010)
"Prayer Request"

Hi Doves...

I don't want to go into too much detail, since there is a fine line between a prayer request and what looks like gossip. So, I'll just ask that you all pray for my daughter and her fiance. They have their wedding planned for 2011, but due to 'friends' taking advantage of their generosity, they are in debt (I say 'they', but it is his friend and his debt, but it affects them both).

There is a story book style house in our town on Water St., that would be perfect for them...if they could get it (and it's going through foreclosure), they could 'kill two birds with one stone' having the wedding there and maybe moving up the wedding date (they had originally wanted to be married on 10-10-10).

Since my future son-in-law works for a real estate company, there is a good possibility that they (his bosses) could buy the house and work out a deal for the kids. It's just a matter of timing and costs. It's not impossible, since they are his landlord(s) and gave him the job when they learned that his unemployment was running out and he just could not find a job in our little area. They really like him, and he does a good job for them, so much so that they are putting him through 'real estate' school so he can become licensed! *yay*

I found the house 'by accident'...turning down the street when I missed an address I was looking for. I was amazed at how perfect it looked (built in 1930 and looks like something out of a Disney movie). It was empty, but was not 'on the market'. My daughter sent me a text the other night with the 'foreclosure pending' info.

I told her, we just need to pray about it. I think, just because it seems so 'impossible' that it might actually BE possible! (as all things are with God!).

Thank you all.