Suzi (27 Nov 2010)
"To Deborah re: other interesting BHO secrets"

Besides the lack of Long Form Birth Cert., the sealed school records (including just who/how said schooling was paid for), another scandal that was just skimmed over by the MSM was the 'passport breach'. I'm convinced that the looking into McCain's & Hillary's were just a smoke screen to also access/doctor Obama's...why else would his own people do it?

From some of Dr. Manning's research:
Passport records are particularly revealing. John O. Brennan, Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser is the owner of The Analysis Corp., the firm that was cited in March 2008 for penetrating the files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain in the State Department’s passport office. Investigators maintain that the target of this illegal activity was Obama’s passport file for the sole purpose of cleansing the records of information that would jeopardize Obama’s candidacy. The breach of the passport records of the other candidates was to create confusion. Brennan was, at the time, an unpaid advisor working with Obama’s campaign. Passport files include an applicant’s name, gender, social security number, date and place of birth, and passport number. Additional information may include birth certificates, naturalization certificates, or oaths of allegiance for U.S.-born persons who adopted the citizenship of a foreign country as minors. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee oversees the State Department. Joseph Biden, now Obama’s Vice President, was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time of the breach.

More info:

Key witness in the passport breach Murdered:

I can't believe the MSM has let so many of these things just fall by the wayside. Even more amazing is that those on the right don't press the issues. Just the fact that Obama admits that he went to Pakistan in the '80s, when US citizens COULD NOT, should be enough for someone to say, 'okay, wait a minute, then you CAN NOT be a US citizen, since you'd not been able to go there!'. Right? He either lied on his passport/used a fake one to go, or he went on his REAL passport (Barry Soetoro, Indonesian), or even the possibility that he's got some secret 'spy' life going on and has been some sort of 'double agent' with the ability to go and do what he wants (including staying with an acting President of Pakistan in '81, when just a 'student'...yeah, kid's taking a 'field trip' always get treated like that!).

Way too many secrets, way too many bits of truth that add up to some scary stuff, and WAY too little digging to find ALL the facts.

I think he will allow the truth out when it will cause the most damage. His goal seems to be (by his own words/deeds) to 'change' America from the Republic is was to the Marxist ideal he was indoctrinated with by his family, mentors and financial backers. If he keeps the truth hidden long enough, does enough 'change', then lets the cat out of the bag, he will effectively cripple the Country as it scrambles to undo all the things he set into motion...we will be a sitting duck in the world arena and our enemies will have a field day.

When I read that he got hit in the mouth playing basketball and required 12 stitches, I thought...hmmmm...head wound?

Waiting for the other shoe to fall.