Suzi (27 Nov 2010)
"To Mariel re: Splenda"

I can use aspartame without any obvious effects. Sugar in normal amounts is fine too. Just the idea that this stuff can not be broken down by the human body should set off alarms for anyone who is the least bit health conscious!

One of the best sweeteners is Stevia. For things like cereal and such is is best for me, but usually, since it is more expensive, I'll just use a little sugar. I also buy 'sugar in the raw'. I like the richer taste of it.

We've got enough 'fake' stuff in our foods/beverages, having this 'new and improved' stuff is what is going to kill us!

Over Thanksgiving my niece and I were talking about the 'food police' (thanks to Michelle Obama), and how fast food places are introducing 'healthy choices'...but they way they are encouraging people to pick the 'good stuff' is by making the 'kids meals' only have the 'toy/prize' if they don't get the fries/soft drink. But the funniest thing about the 'healthy' choices? The little packets of apples are soaked in preservatives and they serve them with caramel dipping sauce! The carrots are also 'preserved'...not my opinion more 'dangerous' that a small serving of fat fried potatoes!

As I told my niece, I am an adult, I KNOW the studies done on the sweetener in my generic diet soda...I can be a rat sometimes, so, I might get cancer...well, yeah, we all might for some reason or other. But, being an adult, I have the FREEDOM to make my own choice! I do not want the government taking my options away from me! I liked being able to buy 'on sale' sodas, like Shasta for example....but I can't anymore, since they switched their 'diet' sweetener to Splenda (or the generic equivalent).

My husband is diabetic, if I want to buy a 'low sugar' cake mix, I can't eat it...the splenda will have me doubled over in pain within a few minutes. I know he loves candied sweet potatoes, so I used some of the 'half brown sugar/half Splenda' I got for him...I sure did miss those sweet taters! :(

Anyway, as thinking adults, it is up to us to educate ourselves and spread any info along to friends, family and online contacts as we feel led to. Thanks for's important for people to know, and learning from someone else's experience can sometimes save us from pain, danger or just a really bad reaction!