Suzi (26 Nov 2010)
"TSA could 'have a hand' in bio-warfare!"

*I wrote this to a group of friends on a private message board, but I thought I'd share it with you all can TSA not see they are only making things easier for real terrorists?*

Think about it...untrained (in the medical field) TSA 'officers' are nuking people with 'low dose' radiation, no matter what state of health they are in...pregnant, weakened immune systems, pre-cancerous, whatever...

Then, it's being reported that the officers are NOT changing their gloves between 'pat downs'. Physical, intimate contact with invasive groping that even includes INSIDE person's pants! Hot and sweaty? No biggie...doesn't mean that something nasty could be incubating in the fold of your belly fat, neck roll, underarm, groin grease...naw...not a problem. What? Head lice? Crabs? Ringworm? How 'bout a nice case of staph or impetigo (both of which me and my family have gotten in the 'sterile' setting of a hospital in the past). These are all things that WILL no doubt be passed along from one passenger to the next. Flu, pink eye, creeping crud? Share it with the person behind you. It was bad enough that you might catch some airborne illness from the people you shared a plane or even seating assignment with..but now, with the stroke/grab/grope of ONE TSA agent, these nasty little critters could be easily spread to a dozen or more people in one flight.

Now, that in itself is bad enough.

How 'bout some crazy extremist who has the money and the connections to get his terrorist mitts on some nasty little bio-weapon that a person could have smeared on their thighs, under or between their breasts, buttocks, groin, neck, armpits...all the places the TSA loves to touch. Let's get a dozen or more willing martyrs who can't wait to meet Allah, taking a bath in the stuff...something say, that has a nice incubation period of a week to 10 days, but maybe, like most bio-killers (even the flu can kill), can be infectious before a person actually realizes how sick they are...yeah...that would work. Have what, 10 or 12 of them board planes at major airports around the US. You know, nice long flights...from LA to NY, a couple from major cities flying into DC! Yeah, that's the ticket! Now, this stuff will be helped along in the 'dispersal' phase by our own inept know, those guys who don't change gloves after every pat down. The ones who, less than a year ago have blogged that they carry 10 or 12 pairs of gloves in their pocket to change throughout their shift...yep, now, that nice passenger who didn't even set off an alarm, had no liquid over the little hotel sized shampoos, not even any underwire in her bra...can get on that plane and know that the nice man who just got to 2nd base with her will help her win one for the home team! Not to mention, since TSA doesn't bother with profiling, the person can be as shifty as they want to be...since the TSA people treat everyone like a piece of meat going through to the slaughter...not wanting to make eye contact for fear of making them 'human' as they set about to dehumanize them. So, no worries about someone in the plan tipping their hand. They can spread what they want, from scabbies to black death. Wow. I feel so much safer now.