Suzi (25 Nov 2010)
"To Mike Curtiss Re: Obama 'rule'"

Remember, it was Valerie Jarrett herself who used that word, 'Rule' right after the election, when someone asked her about the transition from the Bush administration to the Obama one...she said it, that he (BHO) would be ready to 'RULE' from day one. Not lead, not govern, but RULE. Presidents do not rule. Monarchs (of which he is not) do, Emperors do, DICTATORS do. hmmmm.

So many of Obama's appointed people were put into place out of 'payback' and other 'deals' he HATES Biden, but has him as VP? He hates the Clintons, but look where Hillary is. But Jarrett? She's someone who is where she is because of where she helped put Obama! Just as Hillary was really the prez during Bill's day, I think Valerie is the one who is 'running this show'. With George Soros dangling the carrot and wielding the whip.

We are in a bad place America.