Suzi (25 Nov 2010)
"Re: Splenda"

I would rather use real sugar, raw sugar of even the 'blue packets' of artificial sweetener that Splenda. For me it's a matter of comfort. I've had gastric bypass surgery and my body literally 'has a fit' when I ingest this supposedly 'better' sweetener.

What upsets me is that they are starting to put it in everything! Some brands of diet drinks only use it for their sodas (Shasta is one). Most 'sugar free' foods use it, since it doesn't change flavor when cooked. *kinda scary when you realize that 350 degrees or more cannot affect it!*

My daughter only uses it now, and I worry about how it might be doing some, yet unknown damage. The article said it's got properties akin to DDT! That caused birth defects!

I am happy to see that sugar is finally coming off the 'hit list' of the dietary world (remember when eggs were the bad guys?). Some soft drinks are even using cute names/phrases to promote it, like 'throw back' and 'retro'. Seriously, good old fashioned sugar is alot less damaging that anything 'fake'. As in all things, it comes down to moderation. Since so many people have corn allergies they are not aware of, all the 'high fructose corn syrup' sweetened foods are especially problematic. We do need to go back to using sugar/cane juice and other natural sweeteners for our foods. If we had a more natural diet, we'd not have the tendency to overeat to satisfy the natural cravings we get. (if I don't get enough healthy fat, I get 'fat cravings', and it's usually not a 'good fat' that I reach for to fill the need).

It still shocks and amazes me that the government will allow us to eat/drink non-food things! They want to control everything we do, but they allow/encourage us to ingest potentially harmful substances. Maybe this is all part of Bill Gates and his cronies' plan for 'population control'. *shudder*