Suzi (25 Nov 2010)
"To Rowina re: Earthquake Ressurection"

I would like to read this book, although, I already believe that a massive 'sudden destruction' type global earthquake will HAVE to take place when the Dead in Christ rise.

I've always said, 'if a simple housewife from a small town can figure that out, how possible is it?'. I'm happy that someone with some 'spiritual/scientific cred' seems to be backing up what I've felt since becoming a Christian.

I also tend to agree with you about the 'fleece' idea that God gave us the thought to 'throw out' the 'fleece'...that makes sense. I think it's also evident in some of the signs we are seeing...dreams, odd number clusters, other symbols that are only understandable if we look at them with 'spiritual eyes'.

On the idea of an Earthquake happening at the same time as the Rapture...

I have no doubt that mankind has 'one more big war' on the horizon, I just don't think that it will be the cause of the 'sudden destruction'. I think that it will have to be something that is totally, obvious 'from/of God'. Mankind wants to think that we are so important, so powerful that we can create something so massive, so important, but I think that is just Satan telling 'us' that 'we can do it'...The whole Obama 'change we can believe in', 'we are the change we've been waiting for' is just another form of self worship, which is the core of 'Satanism'. No, I think when it all comes down, and the 'sudden destruction' hits, no one, not even Satan will be able to deny it was by God's hand or even his 'lack of protection'. So many people like to 'blame God' for the bad things in this world, but it's not Him causing it all, it's the fact that His hand of protection has been removed (by the majority demanding it), and also by 'our' own doing, it wanting to do things 'our way' (per Satan's whisperings starting in the Garden).

When it all comes down to it, I expect/pray/hope to be flying when the massive literal shaking of the earth happens. I pity those left behind...some will die in their sin, that will not be avoided with the amount of destruction that will be likely. It will be so easy for the AntiChrist to step in to 'take care of' all the people of the earth that will be left running like ants who've lost their path. I think that will be when the huge portion of the population will be lost...not due to man and war, but due to a natural event that is unavoidable when something on such a subatomic level takes place. We are talking about a physical event with spiritual elements...a very explosive mix.

Since most here know I believe the Shroud to be real, I will point to it, and the image left from such an event that had dead human remains suddenly reanimated in such a way as to tinge those linen fibers with the light of eternity. How many other pieces of cloth will contains such images? Will our bodies, when they 'change in the twinkling of an eye' also leave the imprint of who/what we were as we rise up to meet Him in the air?

It is so close...I can tell, because more and more I feel a disconnect with the things of this world. My daughters have even mentioned that 'it doesn't feel like Christmas is coming'...we are usually already planning all our Holiday activities, but this year just feels 'off''.

I guess we will soon see. We are told that first the 'man of sin' would be revealed...I wonder if it's enough that he is just in the public eye? Or, will ALL Christians have to recognize him in order for that step/requirement be fulfilled before we fly?

My daughter and her future husband were talking as they walked into the house the other day, and I caught this snippet from my daughter (25), "....I'm serious, if Obama gets a 'deadly head wound' and survives, I'm heading out of this country...that alone will be the sign that confirms who/what he is!". I wonder if that will be it? hmmm?

The left wants to say how so many 'on the Right' hate him, they've tried so hard to convince the masses that people are racist and want him dead. I think that has been the propaganda put into place so that when 'they' are ready, they can pull off an assassination and have fingers ready to point. I think, in a political sense, Obama has outlived his usefulness to them. The thing is, when 'they' decide to remove him, it will the beginning of the end...that is when Satan will inhabit him and he will come into full power.

I know I am rambling, but I've had all these thoughts for years on how it all could possibly come down without Christians somehow stepping in...I know that all this will be 'allowed' by God to play out...and it sure seems like it is happening now.

I guess it's just a matter of 'wait and see'.