Suzi (23 Nov 2010)
"Re: Sonchild's letter about the boy/flag incident"

I read the article about this young boy who was told by his school that he couldn't fly the American Flag on the back of his bike...and was of course happy to see that the school wised up after so much negative attention came their way. At the end of the article was a link to the video of the Vets and community escorting him to school and a show of 300 people meeting at the Flagpole to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem. Imagine my surprise when the link sent me to my local news station! I had not noticed where this all took place until then! It is, as we put it here in the valley, 'just up the road' from us. So glad that common sense prevailed.

As an aside, the school's reason for telling him he could not fly the flag was because there were 'complaints' and 'racial tensions' should be avoided. I will hazard a guess to what 'race' the complainers might have been, since that area is a major farming area (my dad was a farmer and did some work up in that town years ago)...there (like here) is a large Hispanic population. Just like the young people who protested Arizona back a few months ago, it was these brain washed sheeple who want to live here, yet get offended when anything 'American' is promoted. Insanity. The majority of the kids in a middle school around here of Mexican heritage have probably never even been to Mexico. I really don't understand that mindset. If I ever left this country, moved to foreign land and adopted it as my new home, I would NOT expect them to bend over backward for NOT flying USA colors!

On an up note, I'm very happy, that once again, 'out of the mouths of babes', a 'child shall lead us' and point out the obvious.