Suzi (23 Nov 2010)
"Re: Charles H & the use of the term "fleece""

I became a Christian at 26, and am now 53...yet sometimes I still call myself a 'baby Christian', because I guess, I am wise enough to know there is still so much I don't know!

I had heard that phrase used, about a 'fleece', but never had it illustrated the way Charles' letter did. I guess I always had it in my mind that we shouldn't do such things...especially since I'd come out of a background in the occult, and it seems a bit like divination.

My daughter has always had prophetic dreams...sometimes over the most mundane of subjects, others are big things that have yet to play out, but she describes them in a way that you just get the feel they are 'future seeing' even if they are more symbolic.

The other day we went 'junking' at the thrift shops, and she told me she'd had a series of little 'transitional dreams' that just seemed like glimpses of real events that had not happened yet. She told me this after 2 or 3 things happened and she said she was starting to get a bit freaked out about it. She said, 'I almost told you about them after the first thing happened, and I wish I had, so you could see I was telling the truth'. I told her I didn't doubt she was telling the truth. She said there were other things in the dream that were sort of like in between these 'dreamlets', and they were not, or at least had not it was hard to know what might 'come true'. Now, mind you, none of them were major events, nothing but random, 'I found this or that at the first store'...she just said it happened exactly as it had in the dream. She said if she didn't remember they were in her dreams the night before, it would just feel like that sense of 'deja vu' we get.

After our discussion of it, wondering why we'd get things that were not spiritually 'important', she said, as we entered a store we had not planned on going to (the $5 store next to the $1 store we had planned on going to), "okay, I also dreamed that I found a cute Christmasy dress in the $5 store! If there's one in here, I'm going to wonder just what and why God is giving me these dreams for!". Well, we did not find the dress (which she could describe down to every detail).

So, Doves, does anyone have any idea what to make of that kind of thing? It's not like the example of the 'Fleece'...since she didn't just throw out a 'if this, then that' type thing...she was just recalling the different snippets of dream from the night before, and at least 3 total had happened that day...but as soon as she thought to, I guess 'test it', it didn't 'come true'.

Why would she have dreams of mundane happenings that so obviously were a glimpse of things to come anyway? And why would only some happen? Could it be that God is sort of conditioning her to recognize HIS voice in dreams? So, maybe she can be ready to forewarn us? It was rather odd and confusing, and I just gave her the pat answer of 'just pray on it'.

Since I am still learning as evidenced above, I would love some input on this. I've been able to interpret dreams most my life (was reluctant to after becoming a Christian, since I was afraid it was not 'of God'), but these are not the type dreams one would interpret, since they were realistic and played out 'for real', just 12+ hours later.

Thanks Doves!