Suzi (22 Nov 2010)
"To Deborah Re: GOP & BHO eligibility"

Here are some other points to keep in mind w/ BHO...

Since he's put a lid on ALL his records, with only a few even being available (like his childhood records from Indonesia), we don't even know for sure if his mother was ever married to Obama Sr.

Is there record of a divorce?

Stanley Ann Dunham started classes in Washington State just 15 (FIFTEEN???!!!) DAYS after giving birth?? What? Back then, they kept women in the hospital for up to a week! How on earth was she able to leave Hawaii and start classes just 15 days after having a baby?

When Obama was first moving up in politics, "My Space" was the big thing for 'social networking'...and at one point, they had his age listed, making him born in 1957! When he was running for Prez, his age dropped! hmmmm...I know there were screen caps taken, I just don't have links, sorry. In other words, having him born before Hawaii became a state!

To me, if you look at photos of Obama Sr., and Frank Davis, and 'mix' each with a photo of Stanley Ann Dunham, BHO looks more like the son of Davis! *and yes, they not only knew each other, she posed for 'nudie pix' for him*...those too were floating around the web for a time.

Personally, I think he was born in the '50s, pre-Statehood, I bet on his 'long form' birth cert., it has 'father unknown'...and I'm also betting his mother never married Obama Sr.

Letters from him to his financial backer in Kenya do not mention a 'new wife' and son...but he does mention the wife he has back in Kenya! Now, unless Stanley Ann was actually IN KENYA when he wrote that, it means that O., Sr. had two wives!! Or, he had a child out of wedlock w/ BHO's mom...or...he never was the father, but was tagged as such for whatever reason (perhaps because she was 'with him' at the time she conceived her son).

I think, the only way a judge could get away with the 'cause embarrassment' excuse would be on something 'not' legal. And that would be that it either lists someone other than Obama Sr., as 'father' or it says 'unknown'....even then, it puts his eligibility into question, since the way the 'natural born' part reads, it seems a 'dual citizen' at birth should not be eligible....So, if he really is the son of a Kenyan born UK citizen and a US citizen, she should not be eligible. My guess is he is the son of "Uncle Frank"...but I also think he was born BEFORE Hawaii became a state! So, there again, I don't think he is legally holding the office.

No one spends that much time, money and energy hiding facts unless they are damaging facts.