Suzi (20 Nov 2010)
"To Ernie re: napkin story is anecdote..."

I think you misunderstood when I said the story of the folded napkin being part of Jewish tradition meaning, "I'm coming back", was an anecdote. NOT the fact that the Bible says the 'napkin' (or small cloth) was folded, and left laying aside the rumpled 'burial cloth'.

I looked up Jewish meal time traditions, and found many different sites that said the story is just that, an anecdote...since there is no basis in fact that the 'leaving the napkin folded means 'I'm coming back".

I guess I could/should have just left it at that, but instead I used the Shroud as a point of my belief about how/why that small 'face cloth' was left laying was not necessary to get my point across.

The point? The story is sweet and nice, but does not seem to be based on any real Jewish tradition when it comes to a mean. Just the fact that the 'napkin' on Jesus' face after he was taken down from the Cross was NOT a 'dinner napkin' is actually enough to see's just the way the word is translated. It was a small piece of cloth (linen being the most common cloth used then), and for whatever reason, it was left laying aside, folded, while the larger shroud and the strips of cloth that were used (look up Jewish burial customs at the time of Jesus to understand how he was wrapped) were left as if someone had basically disappeared from them.

That's my point.