Suzi (2 Nov 2010)
"To Jim re: elderly friend and Rapture"

When I became a Christian at 26, I too had that strong feeling. Part of it was because I had just come from 'the dark side' and saw how much Satan was influencing the world. My husband had been a Christian since he was a child, so some of the things I could see, he did not even realize or notice. Since I was pregnant with our first child, I felt then, that I would be lucky to even see Grandkids...feeling then that we couldn't possibly go 20 years before things started falling into place.

The odd thing for me tho', is my family history. My mom died of a heart attack at 38. I was always overweight, to the point of morbidly obese. I honestly didn't think I'd 'outlive my mom'. But yet, I felt I'd be alive to 'meet Him in the air'. Maybe that is just such a wish for Christians that we all imagine it. Mine was not some huge 'revelation', just a feeling. A thought. Yes, most likely a wish.

I've told before about the dream I had when I was about felt very real. The most real dream I've ever felt.

I was laying in bed, and suddenly there was a loud noise, I looked up and I could see through my ceiling, I could see the night sky, it suddenly 'opened', almost like curtains, or more like the graphic of a piece of film burning from the middle and peeling outward. There was Jesus, within a bright light and Angels all around Him. He was literally holding out his arms like a parent does when a toddler learns to walk and you open your arms to catch them up. I felt myself lift off the bed. I was so excited, I turned to my husband to share the joy, but he was still sound asleep on the bed. I immediately knew it wasn't real...since Tom had led me to the Lord and he was such a Godly man, there is no way I'd go and he's stay. I was plunged into a feeling of sadness that it was just a dream, and felt myself plop back on the bed. I opened my eyes, and yes, the room was dark, he was asleep, and I could see the ceiling. I was so sad. I KNOW what it will feel like though. It's the most joyous, feeling. And I really feel I will live to experience it.