Suzi (17 Nov 2010)
"Thank you BC!"

I too have been enthralled by the Shroud since learning of it even before becoming a Christian. I think it was given to us for our time, since the technology is just now arising to show it truly miraculous nature. Until now, it was just an object of faith, now it is EVIDENCE! :)

I was going to do some searches to describe the burial customs at the time of Jesus, to show that the long strip of cloth was used, with a long narrow strip used to wind around the body...but anyone who really cares to educate themselves can do a Google search.

I love that with every new advance in science and medicine the 'case for the Shroud' becomes more and more FACT and not just faith. And yes, some people DO need to 'see to believe'. Our Lord does not want anyone to be lost, so I see the miracle of the Shroud coming to the forefront of Christian truth, so that all will have a chance to 'see and believe' that none would be lost.

Again, thanks for the links!