Suzi (17 Nov 2010)
"Re: burial 'clothes', 'cloths' and other terms"

If you study the burial customs of the times, you will see that we misunderstand/translate the wording in the Bible.

Burial clothes. This is the customary way a body was wrapped in those times. It involved placing one long (up to 14 feet) piece of linen over/under the body. THEN, strips of 'cloth' were wound around 'mummy like'.

You (Donna) are actually making more of a case FOR the head cloth being removed prior to the 'shroud' being placed on Him. If one was going to prepare the body, they'd most likely remove the bloodied 'napkin' (small rectangle of linen) that was around/over His head. Our of reverence and tradition, the soiled cloth could have been lovingly folded and laid aside to be buried/entombed with Jesus.

Again, all we can do is conjecture here. We also have to deal with faith. I choose to believe the Shroud is real, it tells the story of the death of My Savior in a way that only today's technology can tell. A wonderful witness to the reality of what went on. It fits right in with the last days, when knowledge would increase. Some people need to see to believe, how awesome that there is something to 'see'.

The Shroud also had evidence of the 'burial ointment' used during the time of Jesus, it's got pollen from plants only found in that area, there is a piece down the full length of it that has been resewn (the strip that was used to 'wrap around' the linen enshrouded body). There is so much that can only be seen as PROOF of it being real. But again, to each his own. If you do not believe, that is your choice.

Someday all our questions will be answered. I'd like to also point out that the beginning of this discussion had to do with the anecdote of the 'folded napkin'...I was never intending this to be a discussion of the validity of the Shroud.