Suzi (17 Nov 2010)
"to Barbara Howard Re: Counsel of Governors"

Yes, the mentioned that it was first set up by Nixon, but it wasn't implemented till BHO...odd huh? He's named the people (one being a Nixon) to 'govern', 'rule', 'reign'...huh, what exactly would you call it? *shudder*

It is frightening that so many in Washington just simply do not see/know what's going on!

The idea that there are these 'Residential Centers'....and we are not given a good answer for what exactly they are? Are they murders? Contagious? What? I mean, we have a maximum security prison nearby, so at least we know what/who is there. How do these communities feel about having this strange facility near them? Why all the secrets? Are they in their as a 'protective custody' type thing? Just the idea that there is a statute/law/whatever on the books (HR 645?) that states the government will have at least 6 places set up with people being trained and all creepy. Were the people living there workers that are being trained for whatever situation might arise that would cause them to be 'at the ready'?

When my daughters went to Denver when Obama was 'crowned' in his 'arena', there were locations in the city that had been made over into temporary detention centers, 'just in case' frightening that we seem to spend more time/money/effort in subduing/controlling our own (such as the TSA airport "Enhanced Pat Down" and 'porn scan'), when our borders are being left unguarded and are practically laid out with a huge WELCOME mat for anyone to come on in!

BHO made such a big deal about Gitmo...when the fact is, we have at least SIX of those type facilities around our nation right now...but no one will say for whom or what.

Another thing about how things get set up over time, as in Nixon starting it, and BHO putting into how orchestrated it all seems when you look back over it with 20/20 hindsight.