Suzi (16 Nov 2010)
"Re: another alien movie"

I think the reason we see so many of the same type movies at different times is, in part, just the competition in Hollywood. We can look back and see that different themed movies have always come out at the same time.

But now, with the alien themes, of the world being attacked, people taken, that sort of thing, I think it is more spiritual. People know, deep down, that something is brewing. They know that 'the end is near'. Unfortunately, Hollywood is run by people who are not Godly (of course, some are, but they are the minority). The big backers, the studios, they have been under the influence of the enemy for a very long time.

Satan does not want the world to know the truth, so, insert 'little green men'...make the disappearance of multitudes of people something negative (instead of the positive of the Rapture). Make people AFRAID of being 'snatched away'. This is Satan's 'MO'...

One thing about "Skyline", I've heard it was horrible from a filmmakers POV. Cheaply done CG, no plot and just bad movie making. A friend said it was worthy of the junk that Syfy channel puts out that get made fun of. My daughter said, 'they shouldn't have spent so much money at Comic Con making those little foam men floating away'. I noticed as the release date got closer they started showing that it was 'just another aliens attack earth movie'. They started out making it more of a mysterious 'taking' in the trailers...then let the viewers see it was just another 'War of the Worlds' type film.

When 'we' were at war, and then during the cold war, those type movies were very popular. It was better to put an 'alien' face on our unseen enemy. It's not a surprise, living in a state of fear of 'terrorism' that these type movies are coming out now. Obama has us on the brink of destruction from many different sources (the missile off CA coast most likely Chinese was a warning of what they could do if they wanted), Hollywood gives us something to 'see' in the driver's seat of the fear & enemy.

We've been around this block before. It's just that now, the timing is right for many people to be afraid. The sad thing is, they have no idea how real the threat is, and how easily they could be saved from it. The Christians in Hollywood need to start speaking up, and try to put out a movie that explains it all. Yeah, most people would view it as fantasy...but maybe some seeds would be sown.