Suzi (15 Nov 2010)
"To Ernie re: napkin"

I never said it wasn't on fact I said I did believe it was on him, most likely as soon as they brought him down from the Cross.

I am saying that the story related about the Jewish custom of folding a napkin in the anecdotal story is not necessarily accurate. (according to the little research I did).

I do believe/know that everything in Scripture is there for a reason. Since I've stated that I believe the Shroud of Turin is real, I just find it interesting that the smaller cloth from Spain that has the same blood patterns as the Shroud does not have the 'image' on it. That is what leads me to believe that it was not on Him when He resurrected. Couldn't the mention of the 'napkin' being folded and laid aside, while the Shroud/Burial cloths being in a rumpled state as if a body dematerialized from within, be there to point us to the fact that the Shroud and Edessa Cloth are truly the miraculous items many believe them to be? In these last days, we are going to have all kinds of 'increased knowledge'...mayhaps the proving of the Shroud/Face cloth's authenticity are some of that information that can help some people take a step toward Jesus that they would not have taken otherwise.