Suzi (15 Nov 2010)
"To Jan re: Shroud/face cloth"

I love reading about the Shroud. I love that the medical info found there is like reading an autopsy report, it tells exactly what our Lord went through for us. It is, as you say, a 'love letter' to people today. Why today? Because now we have the technology to actually see just how miraculous it is!

Yes, the markings are as if the cloth has been aged in those if they were touched by eternity!

Maybe it's because I came out of a background in the occult and supernatural that I find the subject so fascinating, I can see the 'magic' of it. And by 'magic' I mean, the science of it that would have been beyond comprehension just a few years ago. In fact, scientists who worked on the testing of the Shroud just 20 years ago have said that it was beyond anything manmade. I love it. Proof for those who think that science is necessary for belief, proof for those who need something 'super' natural. Proof for those who never needed to 'see to believe', but who can point it out to those who do.

I agree, I don't 'need' it to back up my faith, it's just wonderful that something is there, has been preserved all these years, to be here for a time when we can fully understand the miracle of it all.

It's also exciting to think that we too will have that same 'touch with eternity', in the 'twinkling of an eye'. wow.